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Dips & Spreads Reviews

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Philadelphia Cream Cheese

173 reviews

So this cream cheese is the original cream cheese and nothing can beat this! I have tried so many other brands but this is always my favourite. You can just apply on tasted bread or have it with a cracker. It is great for snacks at a party as well.
Kraft Miracle Whip

48 reviews

This is the only product of mayonaise/miracle whip we always buy and trust. so tasty and can add to variety of food menu. before we run out of this mayo, we alway have this on our list of grocery. will buy it for sure as it is our favorite brand kraft miracle whip.
Helluva Good! French Onion Dip

61 reviews

Helluva good dip in onion flavour is the most addictive chip / Vegetable dip I have used this for several years now and never come across anyone who doesn’t like it . Great deal from Costco
Newman's Own Mild Chunky Salsa

5 reviews

I didn't find this to be a good quality salsa ,sure it was chunky,but in my opinion it lacked any real flavor ,it was very bland ,its expensive, your paying for the brand name and it's probably a no name salsa,it was horrible ,it certainly doesn't compare to other brands and I...
Ruffles Ranch Dip

17 reviews

I’m not a huge fan of ranch dip, but this one speaks to my soul! Pair it with a salty bag of ruffle chips and you’ll be having this as a meal rather than just a snack. We cannot get enough of this stuff during football season and I’m okay with that.
Sabra Hummus

148 reviews

I didn't enjoy this product. I understand it's made with olive oil, but it's too greasy feeling for me. I couldn't get past that at all. I wish it could be done without the oily, greasy feeling it leaves in my mouth. I'd love to enjoy that.
Yucatan Guacamole

8 reviews

I absolutely love this product!! It is great for when you need some quick guacamole, good flavours and taste. Also perfect for school and work lunches!
Heluva Good Dip

7 reviews

I cant even lie. I absolutely LOVE this dip. The best dip ever. Super easy to mix with salads, sides, chips... I even eat it with crab and crackers. Freakin delicious
Presidents Choice Hot Salsa

3 reviews

For a HOT salsa it's not hot at all not even the slightest hot it taste like regular pretty disappointed. Rethink the ingredients and fix it add some jalapenos or habanero or something I was all excited to eat it when I got home and got sad cause it sucked that bad. DONT USE...
humm chipotle hummus spread

4 reviews

Me voilà bouche-bée! Moi qui n'aime pas les légumineuses et encore moins les pois chiches et bien je suis tombée en amour! Nutritif et savoureux l'hummus est devenu une trempette pour mes légumes.
Biscoff Spread

12 reviews

Si vous connaisse les fameux biscuits biscoff, vous ne serez pas déçus par le goût de la tartinade. Ce sont littéralement les biscuits en version à étendre. Seul bémol, le pot de 400grammes est très petit. Vous pouvez comparer avec ma main de femme grandeur standard .
Epicure 3 Onion Dip

11 reviews

Love this dip on its own or in the extraordinaire three cheese dip. It’s always a favourite at parties. It can also be added as a seasoning or stand alone dip.
President's Choice Mini Hummus

3 reviews

I bought the original plain hummus. This product has a great taste and the price is in the average range. I love anything that makes my life a little easier, I love bringing hummus in my lunch but hate packing it in a container and then having to wash the container etc. Having...
Epicure Herb and Garlic Dip Mix

7 reviews

My mom bought this for me and I find it to be very good! It is easy to prepare, and tastes better than store bought dips, in my opinion! It pairs well with veggies or with some chips too! I even use this as a seasoning when cooking chicken! A little jar has lasted me quite some...
Kraft Cheez Whiz Jalapeño Cheese Spread

3 reviews

This isn't a family favorite for us. Although it tastes good - it isn't great alone- better mixed in. It only comes in a small jar too which is kinda a downside. Overall good cheesy taste just not very spicy
Ruffles onion dip

6 reviews

I am not a big fan of this onion dip, for me it lacks flavor. In a pinch I will buy it, but only if there is nothing else to choose from and I have a big craving. I was surprised with it being a Ruffles product, I expected the flavor to pop and be full of onion pieces all...
Kraft All Natural Smooth Peanut Butter

121 reviews

As an adult I don’t mind it, however I can’t see kids enjoying this as its not like regular peanut butter. Probably a better choice health wise but not a winner with the littles.
Gay Lea Spreadables Cinnamon & Brown Sugar Butter

1 review

Absolutely love this spread! It's a hit with the kids too! Delicious on toast or bagels! A must try!
Skippy Natural Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Spread

1 review

Skippy Natural Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Spread is absolutely awesome. I have it on my toast in the morning. The great thing about this peanut butter spread is that it has 60% less sugar, is all natural, has no preservatives or artificial flavours. Oh, and no oil. You...
President`s Choice Lemon Ginger Stir Fry Sauce

1 review

I am an avid ginger and lemon fan and when I saw this sauce at Real Canadian Super Store I had to try it. At first limited myself to using it in my Asian dishes. Then I thought, why can`t I experiment with it! I tried basting chickens and roasting them, added it to Salmon and...