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Grocery Reviews

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Eat Smart Sweet Kale Bagged Salad

47 reviews

my favourite bagged salad mix and the taste is great. the bags dont last long in the fridge before they go bad, so be sure to use before the expiration date. great salad to take to work!
Miss Vickies Jalapeno Chips

37 reviews

These chips taste great with just enough kick to give the perfect jalapeno flavor. I really like the type of chip that is not to thin and reminds me of homemade chips.
President's Choice Decadent Chocolate Chips

35 reviews

These are so amazing. I love chocolate and well these cookies have a great taste and texture. Obviously they are not a super healthy snack but it's nice to enjoy a couple every so often
President's Choice Loads of All Dressed Chips

34 reviews

I use to LOVE these chips.... all fully loaded flavours, they use to be fully loaded with flavour... however the last few weeks I haven buying them I noticed a BIG DECLINE in the amount of seasoning on them. I was disappointed the first time , but thought I just got a bag that...
Uncle Ben's Bistro Express

53 reviews

These rice sachets are perfect for a quick and convenient lunch at work. I love that you can easily store them in your drawer and pop them in the microwave. They taste great and I love how wide of a range in flavours they offer.
Bugles Original

35 reviews

My children love to play with these and pretend that they are witch fingers, like I used to when I was younger. They may not be a healthy snack for the children but it is simple and the kids love the flavour.
Philadelphia Chocolate Cream Cheese

63 reviews

I was hoping to enjoy this product but unfortunately didn't, did not taste like any chocolate I've tasted before, overpriced and not worth it. Original is much better
Barq's Root Beer

36 reviews

A refreshing drink or a staple for a marinade you can findmany uses for this licorice flavored beverage. on ice cream or in a cold glass this ome is a winner.
Cracker Barrel Cheese Slices

25 reviews

This is my favourite cheese especially for making breakfast sandwiches! Perfect size and great brand. Cheese in general can be expensive but this is definitely the best brand.
Nesquik Chocolate Powder

42 reviews

I remember sneaking my finger in the metal tin for a taste, when my Grandmother wasn't looking! We'd sprinkle some on our ice cream as kids. Strange, but good. I still enjoy a tall glass of Nesquik at 30+ years old!
Temptations Mix Ups Chicken, Catnip & Cheddar Flavor Cat Treats

15 reviews

My cat loves Temptations and I usually get him the organic chicken ones. However these catnip and cheese ones make him really sick. Not sure why as all the others he loves and is fine.
Ktc 100% coconut oil

2 reviews

I have always used coconut oil for my babies great to use after a bath to keep their skin moisturised. Great for baby massage too. You can pretty much use it for anything tho. Oil pulling for teeth,hair mask,beard oil,cuticle oil,moisturiser and you can even cook with it!...
Philadelphia Herb and Garlic Cream Cheese

27 reviews

This cream cheese is so very tasty and creamy and not only can you use it as a spread for your bagels but I also use it as a dip for my chips so really its a 2 in 1 :D
Jello Instant Pudding - Chocolate

2 reviews

I can't find this easily but when I do I also make sure to buy some. I love it. It's smooth and chocolately. I love the brand jello because you can get different flavours. I can't recommend this product enough. It's quick and easy. Giving you yummy dessert.

1 review

Keeps longer than average milk by competitors. Fresh clean tasting. But buy at freshco.... not worth $10 a bag they charge at sobeys. I buy extra and freeze it!
Near East Couscous Mix - Roasted Garlic & Olive Oil

1 review

I love Near East Couscous Mix Roasted Garlic & Olive Oil ! It's very tasty and super fast to make. You just need water, a little oil, a pot with a lid, a measuring cup, a fork to fluff it up and something to put it all in (and/or store). Counting how long it takes to boil the...
Rooster Mung Green Beans

1 review

These mung beans are absolutely delicious. I sprout my own. Moisten them and put in a container keeping them in a darkened area, checking daily for moisture-if needed then sprinkle some water on them, leaving them for 10-14 days and voila! Watch them grow daily. Great as an...
compliments tangy dill sandwich sliced pickles

1 review

These sliced sandwich pickles are ssooo good -nicely flavored and vinegary, Good to eat by itself as a snack or with a sandwich -either on one or with it.
Bicks sweet corn relish

1 review

This corn relish is very tasty-sweet, vinegary. It is a great compliment to smokies, sausages, burgers, ham--be it with a meal or anything buried in a bun. It has onions and red pepper in it as well.
Old El Paso Hard & Soft Taco Dinner Kit

30 reviews

I've been buying this kit for years. It's so convenient to grab this if you want a quick dinner. Everyone in my family likes the taste of the Old El Paso.