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Grocery Reviews

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Lean Cuisine Fresh Inspirations

356 reviews

I love this, so healthy, amazing flavor and easy to prepare. This is everything you need when you are tired and don't have the mood to cook. I for sure recommend it.
Renee's Gourmet Caesar Salad Dressing

236 reviews

The huge flavor on my Caesar Salad tastes like Restaurant quality...Whether dipping pizza, raw veggies or adding to my favorite linguine recipe, this is a multi-functional product that has endless possibilities..Also there are other fantastic flavors..
Arm & Hammer Pure Baking Soda

209 reviews

The absolute best baking soda. It works amazing in baking, cleaning, and keeping my fridge and freezer smelling fresh. Most brands dont work as well so ill always go back to this one
Coca-Cola Zero

176 reviews

Growing up I had always ritualistically drank diet coke with my father, although eventually my preference faltered and I had been stuck searching for a soda with a bit more of a sweetness and bang to it - I tried other brands, but little did I know the best option was so...
Driscoll's Raspberries

129 reviews

The Driscoll's raspberries are always yummy and ripped. I love that they are fresh and are perfect to eat as a snack or in my smoothie. I recommend it for everyone who wants a quality product!
Heinz Pure White Vinegar

132 reviews

Honestly how can you go wrong with this Heinz vinegar? Its the best value and vinegar itself is so versatile - cooking, cleaning, etc - so this is definitely the best option on the market!
Smuckers Pure Strawberry Jam

113 reviews

This jelly tasted good right from the shelf. I placed it in the refrigerator and let it stay cool and it tasted better cold in my opinion. Either way you can’t go wrong with buying this jelly.
Knorr Selects Roasted Garlic Pesto with Volanti Pasta

95 reviews

Premièrement j'adore la forme des pâtes ! Sauf que j'ai dû rajouté 3 minutes de plus de cuisson et ils sont quand même al denté. Le goût est bon, j'adore le pesto, mais je trouve le produit un peu trop salé pour moi. Je vais surement en racheter mais rajouter du poulet...
Pillsbury Crescent Rolls

88 reviews

I love these crusty rolls. From popping the can and baking to eating the delicious roll - the process is fun. I like to put some chocolate in the middle.
Old El Paso Taco Kits

96 reviews

I absolutely love tacos! I actually has this kit tonight and pigged out. My absolute only complaint is I wish the sauce had more of a bite to it. I also think there should be full taco kits with flavour shells instead of buying them separate
Kraft Cool Whip Whipped Topping

95 reviews

Kraft cool whip whipped topping is so good you can use it for so much different stuff my kids love it on there jello or with fruit very good to work with even frozen I would buy again
Kraft Crunchy Peanut Butter

76 reviews

I enjoy using this in baking but I enjoy eating it on toast especially when the toast is fresh and hot out of the toaster with melted butter and you spread it on the toast and it's melted just enough to enjoy at any time of the day with a big glass of milk. Definitely a...
Barilla Pasta

75 reviews

i have used Barilla pasta with many recipes and can say that each time it has turned out to be great. love the taste and texture. my kids also love them a lot
PC The Decadent Chocolate Chip Cookie

71 reviews

These are my favourite store bought cookies!! My dad use to buy these when I was young and the quality and taste hasn’t changed since! Sad that I can only buy them from stores that sell PC products but they are amazing!
Kraft Peanut Butter with Honey

95 reviews

I stumbled upon this product on Amazon one day so I ordered a couple jars to try. You can taste the honey without it being too sweet. Also it's not messy like separate peanut butter and honey which makes it a hit with the kids and us the parents!!
Tropicana Pure Premium No Pulp Orange Juice

69 reviews

Goodness in a cup! You don't have to worry about squeezing fresh orange juice as this tastes just that plus you get all the nutritional benefits too!!
Black Diamond Marble Cheese

62 reviews

By far one if the best cheeses. When im hungry at 12am im in the fridge eating a chunk of cheese. 89% of my cooking involves cheese, if i can put it on it i will!
Kraft BBQ Original Sauce

76 reviews

La seule sauce bbq que j’achète! Elle est tellement délicieuse! Le rapport qualité prix est parfait! Elle n’est pas trop forte,ni trop douce,elle est parfaite!
Hostess Hickory Sticks

57 reviews

These have got to be an all time favourite of mine. I buy a bag almost every time I grocery shop. They pair well with my other favourite kind of chip, so I put some of both into the same bowl and snack away.
Kraft Singles American Cheese

80 reviews

Kraft cheese is the only sliced cheese I will buy. It's the only cheese my kids will eat and have been raised on. The way it melts to perfection is outstanding. I will stand by Kraft and continue to be a loyal customer.