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Grocery Reviews

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Promiseland Strawberry milk

1 review

Every time we go grocery shopping at Kroger my husband buys 3-4 bottles at a time. We are very happy with this product. Just wish it was sold at Walmart.
purina beyond white chicken meat dog food

2 reviews

Woof is Lab for “Awesome”. My senior lab has showed a lot of improvement walking since I started her on this food. She has always had allergies, so it has been a challenge to find a food we trust, after her go to was discontinued. Very few ingredients, she loves it, and...
VH Japanese Teriyaki Stir-fry Sauce

29 reviews

J’adore la sauce teriyaki VH et elle a une belle consistance un bon goût sucré salé elle est parfaite pour les grillades sur le barbecue j’aime beaucoup l’utiliser avec le poulet et le saumon j’ai même tenté l’expérience avec des légumes et c’était délicieux...
Pringles BBQ

31 reviews

U really cant stop !!! Yum these are the tastiest best value crisps ever !! The bbq are my favourite flavour but to be honest i love them all lol the price for what u get is well worth the money to
Man eggs

1 review

organic eggs and the yolk is rich. The yolk is not pale like the cheap ones you buy at grocery stores. It's a bit pricy but worth it. Great for people like me who is a big fan of organic produce.
Presidents choice cheeses

1 review

I always buy presidents choice cheese. We’ve purchased mozzarella, cheddar, havarti, and farmers varieties. The quality is as good as national brands and the price point is lower. Plus Yay!! Pc points!
kirkland rotisserie chicken

5 reviews

I love my Costco rotisserie chicken! It’s affordable, it tastes good, tender and juicy, it makes an easy and healthy meal. I usually pair it with some mixed greens (also from Costco) and there you have it. The cage/bone I won’t waste it either. I use it to make stock or...
Tyson Trimmed & Ready Premium Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast

3 reviews

We love this boneless chicken. It doesn’t have a ton of fat on it and veins like other brands. It’s always tastes & ive never had any issues with it. Definitely would recommend.
Maple Leaf Prime Ground Turkey

1 review

I absolutely love this extra lean ground turkey! It makes perfect meatballs, taco meat, chili, or basically whatever you would normally prepare with ground beef. The addition of rosemary extract seems to give this a leg above.
Campbell’s broth

2 reviews

I almost always choose to buy Campbell’s broth when grocery shopping. It has the best taste and is usually very reasonably priced. There is also such a good variety of flavours to choose from. The 30% less salt is my preference. It’s perfect for so many dishes I enjoy making...
Fruit by the foot variety pack

18 reviews

My kids love these. They are entertaining as well as tasteful. My kids enjoy the colors and designs and get excited everytime i buy them. My husband loves them too and i have to often remind him they are for the kids lol. They are a great treat for kids (young and old 😉) good...
Old El Paso Tortilla Bowls

19 reviews

I'm just not a fan of a soft taco bowl. They are very tasty, but I prefer to fry my own corn tortillas to a soft/chewy consistency. This may work well for those who like to make a taco salads. Easy to eat from the bowl with the option to pick it up and use it as a large taco.
Swift premium cooked ham

1 review

Good for sandwiches, can be added to salads, eaten with just about anything really. It's a bit salty. It comes in one of those cans that have to be opened with a key which is really annoying. It can be a bit expensive but there is a lot of meat in the tin, 454g. I usually pick...
Black River sandwich steaks

1 review

They cook up in about ten minutes and can be used in a bun or just serve them up with some veg or sides. Very tasty and the box comes with a bottle of steak spice.
Crystal Light Liquid Drink Mix (Strawberry Lemonade)

39 reviews

Love this flavour ..they are all pretty good but this one is my favourite one.I hate water and adding this product enables me to get my 8 glasses of water everyday, which will never happen without me adding to my water..can also freeze and make low alories popsicles in these hit...
Daisy sour cream

3 reviews

Love the softness and creamy texture of this sour cream! The only brand I will buy and in the future too! Delish for baked potatoes, macaroni, nachos! So much goodness for so many dishes :)
Classico Roasted Garlic & Onion Pasta Sauce

21 reviews

J'aime bien avoir à portée de main une sauce et c'est souvent celle ci que j'achète. C'est un bon rapport qualité prix qui me dépanne bien quand j'en ai besoin!
Kirkland bacon

1 review

We picked this up when on sale because it was comparable in price to our usual brand on sale. It was nice thick slices and cooked well in the oven. We did find it a little salty but thought it was great in salads and other dishes.
SPLENDA No Calorie Sweetener, Granulated

43 reviews

I've been attempting to withhold from sugar and was recommended to substitute for splenda. A different taste but definetly much healthier as I would put 3 sugars in my tea before. A bit expensive rather than sugar but good for baking, daily beverage etc.
compliments white petites potatoes

1 review

I love these little mini petite bite sized potatoes; my Favourite is to steam them to a crispy soft but moist texture make that into a Poutine or just Butter, Salt and Pepper is just as tasty. I love both the White and Red potatoes. Good amount in the package.