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Grocery Reviews

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Plaisirs gastronomiques Jarrets d'agneau

1 review

Les produits Plaisir Gastronomiques ne cessent de me surprendre. Après avoir essayé la garniture à Vol au vent, j'écrivais ceci: "'Jai été agréablement surprise par le goût et la facilité d'exécution de ce plat! Il ne suffit que de faire bouillir l'emballage et c'est...
Gia Indian Basmati Rice

1 review

this rice is the nice rice that my mom and myself has eaten. its really nice and fluffy and its not sticky like most rice. I really hate rice was it is sticky.
Schneider's Country Naturals Baked Honey Ham

1 review

This ham tastes amazing. A big reason I live by this ham is it's one of the very, very few lunch meats out there that's completely SOY FREE. I have a serious allergy to soy and finding a product that is delicious, convenient and safe is priceless.
Organics pure honey

3 reviews

Love it! I recently went whole foods/organic about 7 months ago. It's changed my life btw! I bought some of this few months ago and it tastes super yummy. I use it in smoothies, tea alll kinds of delicious foods, this honey just makes it more flavorfull and healthy. Give it a...
Gardein Crispy Tenders

24 reviews

I absolutely need a giant bag of these not only do I eat a whole bag myself but my boyfriend enjoys them as much as I do I saw tht they have bigger versions of this at Sam’s club I may have to stock up on them though I doubt it’ll last us even a few months lol
London Orchard Sweetened Dried Cranberries

1 review

I've been buying this a lot at London Drugs to add to my yogurt or oatmeal in the mornings. These are sweetened cranberries so they add that little something to make my morning breakfasts taste better. I like it that these bags are resealable to keep the freshness factor going...
Christie graham crackers

14 reviews

Les mangé secs ou trempé dans le lait, ces biscuits sont bons. Vous pouvez en faire de la chapelure pour réaliser des desserts. J'en ai toujours dans mon garde-manger pour me dépanner.
Donut house coffee KCUPS regular

1 review

Ce café est très bon et le rapport qualité-prix est super! Je les ai acheté au Walmart et cela m'est revenu à environ 0,50$ pour chaque cup! J'aime beaucoup le gout et il n'est pas trop faible, ni trop fort, juste parfait! Je le recommande.
Piller's German Salami

1 review

I have a weakness for salami and have already bought this a few times at IGA. This is a delicious tasting salami that isn't rock hard like other brands are. This is great to have on its own as a snack with cheese and fruits or in sandwiches/paninis. For those of you that are...
Wheat Thins Multigrain Crackers

28 reviews

I get these multigrain crackers a lot, there good for a snack or even a party favour with some added dip on the side. The flavour is amazing and it’s super inexpensive! I will continue to purchase and I would recommend!
Betty Crocker Scalloped Potatoes

6 reviews

My family absolutely loves these. I usually add some spices and top it with cheese when cooked. I have even added veggies as well. Get creative, my kids have even added cauliflower and broccoli as well.
Plaisirs gastonomiques Osso bucco

1 review

Les produits Plaisir Gastronomiques ne cessent de me surprendre. Après avoir essayé la garniture à Vol au vent, j'écrivais ceci: "'Jai été agréablement surprise par le goût et la facilité d'exécution de ce plat! Il ne suffit que de faire bouillir l'emballage et c'est...
E.D. Smith Pumpkin Pie Filling

19 reviews

I have used E.D. Smith's pumpkin pie filling for a Pumpkin Chocolate Chip cake that I make and have not been disappointed yet. It is a bit pricey but you are paying for the quality. It has just the right amount of spices and a great consistency.
Members Mark 100% maple syrup

1 review

I bought a jug of Member's Mark 100% maple syrup at Sam's Club and I have been buying it everytime. This syrup tastes so good and taste great on pancakes or in oatmeal. It is a great value and much cheaper than the little bottles they sell at grocery stores. I would recommend...
Clover Leaf smoked oysters spicy chili in sunflower oil

1 review

Mmmmm I loove all seafood; Oysters and Muscles especially from Clover Leaf these new Spicy Chili in Sunflower Oil is so delicious; 1 nice jalapeno pepper for a good spice, good amount of oil, moist, chewy, good size pieces, lots in the container such great change from the...
Pure Canadian Maple Syrup

19 reviews

While artificial maple syrup is much cheaper, it certainly tastes much worse. By buying the real thing, you can taste the real, natural and pure flavors that make pancakes so delicious to eat.

1 review

This pepperoni is simply amazing! I normally don't like pepperoni because it gives me massive heartburn and I find it spicy but this one has a nice and mild flavour, not greasy at all and they are much cheaper than other brands of pepperoni .
Pillsbury ready to bake snowman cookies

11 reviews

These cookies are not only very delicious but are always very easy and quick to make. They are a great little treat for another the holidays and are very cute with the little snowmen on them. Always recommend
Dainty riz basmati

4 reviews

Dainty brand basmati rice is full of flavour. It is a good value for your money—contains about 8-10 servings in one package. The package is also resealable for your convenience.
Tuna Helper Creamy Noodle

1 review

I know what you're thinking, eww. When my boyfriend brought it home I said the same thing but when it got down to the wire I decided to try it, open minded as usual. I really liked it. There is something about the speed and simplicity of the cooking that made this blissful. The...