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Non-Dairy (Refrigerated) Reviews

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Earth's Own So Fresh Almond Nog

1 review

I had the opportunity to try Almond’s Own So Fresh Almond Nog. Almond’s Own is my beverage of choice and I was excited to try their holiday Almond Nog. It has a mild scent when you open the bottle but once you take a sip, it has a delicious nutmeg taste that lingers in your...
Earth’s own so fresh oat milk

5 reviews

I am unable to have normal milk but when I could drink it, I loved the "Heaviness" of milk.. not like almond milk which to me tastes like water (nothing against people who love it just not for me) But Oat milk gives me that "heavy" feeling that I have been missing, and this...
Coffee Mate Bliss Almond Milk Vanilla

19 reviews

I love using almond milk as an alternative to diary in my coffee but found this to be a little too sweet. I wish manufacturers didn't add so many servers
Silk Almond Dark Chocolate

11 reviews

This is a great beverage! I use it in smoothies milkshakes, or just in a cup! Delicious and just the right amount of chocolate for me! Great price, I buy in bulk
Blue Diamond Almond Breeze Chocolate

42 reviews

After discovering I was having gut problems from dairy I discovered the wonders of nut milk and am so glad. I don’t miss dairy at all and the goodness of Blue Diamond is exceptional.
Silk Original Coconut Milk

34 reviews

Purchase this every week. The first time I purchased this, I was a bit hesitant. But after I took my 1st sip, my mind changed instantly and I decided that from now on I will be buying milk from this brand. It's a great non-dairy alternative and it tastes fresh and it's also...
Silk Soyamilk

1 review

I recently started using Silk Soya Original I really love the smooth, creamy, rich flavour. It is unsweetened so you can add any kind of sweetener you prefer. Silk comes in so many flavors so give them a try to see which one you like. Shelf live is great with the tetra...
Earth's Own SoFresh Oat Unsweetened Original

22 reviews

This has been my go-to since I've discovered it. Works great with coffees or chocolate milk but also delicious by itself. Naturally has a slight sweet taste to it even though I get the unsweetened version. I also love that it uses 7x less water than almond milk, and that it is a...
Natur-a Organic Original Rice Beverage

1 review

this is a good alternative if you like rice, the flavour isnt overpowering but you still can taste it. i do really like it in my coffee, almost as much as i like oat milk. it is a great price only around $2-$3, so i usually grab two at a time. its light and easy to digest...
Mooala almond milk

1 review

This has by far been the best tasting Almond milk I’ve ever purchased! Almost has the consistency of whole milk, so it gives you that texture of real milk I also enjoyed Mooala’s banana milk!
Silk soy milk unsweetened

1 review

I've tried a lot of different non-dairy alternatives for coffee and none seem to actually change the color or taste much. This tastes great and also is amazing in smoothies.
Earth’s own unsweetened vanilla almond milk

2 reviews

All throughout my life I haven't been very tolerant of dairy. A few years ago I cut it out completely (and by extension, my family no longer eats it either lol) I was always using nut milk but never really loved it. Then I tried Oat Milk. Creamy and wonderful, it is my...
Almond Breeze Unsweetened Vanilla Almond milk

9 reviews

Amazing taste, I use it in place of all dairy and I love it. The vanilla flavour is delicious. I love the shelf stable ones! You can stock up and they last for months
Alpro coconut milk

5 reviews

This is a very good and versatile product. I usually use it in my daily coffee but it can also be used in smoothies and shakes. I like it because it gives my coffee the flavour that i need
Silk Oat Yeah Oat Milk

2 reviews

Tried the vanilla flavour and thought it smelled and tasted like playdoh, but it tastes fine in smoothies. The original is a great dairy alternative and is much much better. Overall, it's not real milk, but it does the job and I'm not complaining!
Violife Original Creamy - Alternative to Cream Cheese

1 review

I think this would be a great vehicle for some herbs/garlic or other flavours. It's the best dairy-free cream cheese I've found yet, but it has no flavor at all. Better than the strong coconut flavour like I've found in other cream cheeses, but still lacks the tang and taste...
Silk Unsweetened Vanilla Almondmilk

33 reviews

This almond milk is full of flavor. It's perfect for my smoothies during the day. I can't say enough about this brand of almond milk. It's definetly my most preferred for taste and quality. It has a nutty smooth flavor. It's easy going down and I also love this with my cereal...
Earth’s Own Vanilla Oat Milk

2 reviews

This oat milk is so creamy! I find that oat milk also froths fairly well - I love lattes so this is a bonus for me! It is so versatile that I use it in everything!
So Delicious Holiday Nog

2 reviews

As a vegan eggnog, this ticks all the boxes. Sweet but not cloying, just the right amount of spice, creamy, wonderful egg nog flavour with a hint of coconut that was very pleasant and in no way detracted from the flavour. I bought this many times last December until my local...
Friendly farms original almond milk

1 review

This milk tastes delicious. Our entire family drinks it plain, in cereal, and in our smoothies. We buy this weekly with no complaints. He price point is awesome for a non dairy milk.