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Oils & Vinegars Reviews

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Becel Olive Plus™ Oil Blend

197 reviews

Bonne Dans les vinaigrettes Pour faire revenir des légumes dans l'huile Elle a Pas son pareil . Pour les légumes au four Avec quelques épices et sur le bbq
Becel Canola and Sunflower Oil

141 reviews

La meilleure pour faire les gâteaux, les muffins Pour cuire les frites Pour préparer de la patisserie. Préparer dès vinaigrettes très Bon Rapport qualité/ prix
Becel Avo Plus

101 reviews

I love this oil so much, i use it in most of my cooking. It is very tasty and also helps get in your fats for the day. This is a healthier option to butter, canola oil, vegetable oil, etc.
Grace Virgin Coconut Oil

97 reviews

I'm a fun of coconut oil and use it for many ways. I tried this one once and I can say it has also a good quality for affordable price compared to other expensive brand.
Nutiva Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

85 reviews

This product is great, I use it in the kitchen, and I also used to put it on my belly, to avoid stretch marks from pregnancy. I take 2-3 tablespoons per day for its beneficial medium chain triglycerides. It smells wonderfully and tastes lovely, pure coconut
PAM® Original Cooking Spray

63 reviews

This is a perfect non-stick cooking spray. You can use it in your cooking on the stove, and in the oven on practically any type of dish or cookie tray or baking pan. It doesn't taste like anything. It cleans up well but it does get a little sticky if it dries.
Coconut Oil

51 reviews

It’s the best moisturizer and nourishment to the skin as well as very healthy to eat moreover doctors recommend it for baby skin as it prevents eczema and can be the best massage oil ever I just love it
Great Value Coconut oil

2 reviews

Coconut oil has many health benefits & it’s pure I choosed great value refined coconut oil for my face specially in the night as it dry very fast coz of the heater , it is a good product & absorb to skin , I love applying in to my hair once a week , a must try for a good...
Bragg Organic Apple Cider Vinegar

16 reviews

I have been on Bragg's ACV for just over a yr now.... My doctor has just recently pulled me off my diabetic & high cholesterol medication. I take my ACV first thing in the morning & b4 bed. I swear by Bragg's ACV. Highly recommend!!!
LouAna 100% Pure Liquid Coconut Oil

1 review

We use it in the kitchen for cooking and baking, and can be used as a margarine, butter, shortening and vegetable oil.LouAna Pure Coconut Oil is 100% pure and natural. It does not contain any chemicals or artificial flavors or scents. We love it..It's a must try..
Kraft Aged Balsamic Vinaigrette

3 reviews

unusually not a fan of Kraft dressings but this balsamic dressing is to die for the taste is just like using an aged vinegar they really knocked it out of the park
Presidents Choice 100% Extra Virgin Coconut oil

12 reviews

I personally don’t like the taste of coconut so only use this product for moisturizing. I used it on my very dry stomach throughout my pregnancy and my skin stayed so hydrated. I am now using it on my newborn and it’s working well and doesn’t irritate his skin. I love that...
Kirkland Coconut Oil

5 reviews

It’s organic and cheaper than other brands. For the size of this it can last months. Been using it for hair and skin moisturizing needs it all natural and does not irritate my kids sensitive skin.
California olive ranch extra virgin olive oil

1 review

This olive oil is the best tasting olive oil.. it’s almost spicy with all the flavor! Its great to use in homemade dressing, sautéing, cooking, dipping bread into with some Italian seasoning. It’s also great for skin care, and hair masks!
Simple Truth Organic Coconut Oil

1 review

I've heard all the hype about coconut oil and finally gave in and purchased a jar. I originally bought the coconut oil for my hair. I have very long, curly, thick and damaged hair. I blow dry and straighten my hair so it was in need of some serious moisture. I mixed a little bit...
Nuco organic refined coconut oil

1 review

We use our Nuco for everything! From eczema, chapped lips or skin, flea treatments, hair protectant after dying and many other things including cooking. I highly recommend this product to everybody and their families due to how useful it is and healthy it is. Give it a try!...
Chosen Foods Avocado Cooking Oil

7 reviews

Hands down for me this is the best cooking oil. Amazing used in any way, fries are a treat in this house... fried in Avocado Oil OMG... to die for :) So glad I came across this product that is now a staple in this household.
PC Blue Menu Omega Oil

2 reviews

Best oil for healthy eating. Our dietitian recommended this oil after my husband had a heart attack, and I used it for EVERYTHING, and now the stores aren't carrying it. So disappointed!! Bring this product back. I would buy this product again,. But it's not available.
Sélection Vinaigrette Italienne piquante

1 review

Je prend cette vinaigrette pour mettre dans ma salade d’orzo ou d’autre salade. J’achete Rarement de la vinaigrette parce que la plupart du temps je l’ai fait moi même. Celle-ci de Sélection mérite pas trop cher et bon goût. On peut se les procurer au marché...
President's Choice Safflower Oil

1 review

I have been using this oil for a few years now. I like to do stir fry and I love making quesadillas. I had read about how many oils were not good for the body.. over and above the fat content. Then I read about how safflower oil is actually good for you. I did some research...