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Packaged Side Dishes Reviews

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Knorr Selects White Cheddar Broccoli with Cavatappi Pasta

109 reviews

I love how you can read the ingredients on the back and know exactly what you’re eating! I love having this as a side with chicken and veggies or even just to eat on its on. It’s a little pricey if not on sale because one package usually isn’t enough to feed the whole...
Knorr One Skillet Meals in Mediterranean Lemon Chicken with Barley

103 reviews

I liked the Knorr One skillet meal - Mediterranean Lemon Chicken with Barley. It makes it easy to make a meal with a headstart. The flavor is tangy but not too much. I would recommend this to anyone that has a taste for Lemon chicken
Knorr One Skillet Meals in Spicy Chipotle Chicken Brown Rice and Quinoa

102 reviews

again my college aged daughter likes these,,, I'm not a fan... iI pefer to keep it simple and add my own spice. my daughter will have again, I will skip it
Knorr Selects Roasted Garlic Alfredo Rice

107 reviews

The Knorr roasted garlic alfredo rice is very creamy and very delicious! The best Knorr product I have tried so far,I had it as a side dish with chicken breast it went together perfectly! It didn't have a overpowering garlic taste, was just right!
Knorr Selects Tomato, Basil & Garlic with Volanti Pasta

98 reviews

Not only are they a lifesaver but they're also very delicious and easy and quick to make. If you're having a few friends over and it's last-minute these will be ready in less than 10 minutes of times. I've been using these for a few years now and I'll continue to be a loyal...
Knorr Selects Spinach Florentine with Penne Pasta

93 reviews

I love knorr sides and this was a delight, I’m a huge pasta fan and knorr has so many different dishes and sides to choose from, I absolutely love the combo of spinach and cheese with a penne pasta it’s so delicious, and as always they make it so convenient and simple along...
Knorr Selects Sweet Corn Mac & Cheese with Volanti Pasta

94 reviews

Its quick and easy to make buy I cant stand it it's yuck and my kids dont like it either... Yuck yuck yuck.... I'm a homemade scratch type of girl anyways. So I'm just saying this is gross for myself
Knorr One Skillet Meals in Steak & Peppers Brown Rice and Quinoa

92 reviews

My family and I are not big steak eaters, but we gave this dish a try and were not disappointed. It was tasty, my kids loved it, and even asked for seconds. This is definitely something we will have again.
Knorr Selects Brown Butter & Sage with Penne Pasta

95 reviews

Bought a few different Knorr packages when they were on sale at Metro with the intention of jazzing them up with meat and veggies and cooking them in my Instant pot. I have made several of the other flavours and loved them. This one was just as simple as the rest to prepare...
Knorr - Honey Garlic Noodles Side Dish

24 reviews

I've tried all the noodle types of knorr sidekicks and this one is by far my favourite. Explosive flavour that makes the perfect side dish. Super easy to make - it's become a staple in my household.
Knorr Alfredo noodles

9 reviews

delicious, even the kids like it. Very quick and easy to make, works with lots of dishes, pork chop and even grilled steak. The packaging is easy to open & does not make a mess. All the seasonings are included.
Uncle Ben's Bistro Express Mexican style rice

2 reviews

I love uncle Ben's products because they are all super quick and easy to make. A great addition to any meal or even just on their own they are fantastic. My only compliant is that they tend to be super salty.
uncle ben's bistro express basmati coconut, lemongrass & chili flavour

1 review

It takes 2 minutes to cook which is super convenient for people on the go. The flavours are so amazingly impressive. I would never expect such a great flavour from a pre-packaged side dish. The fat from the coconut is really what makes it satisfying, and it's paired with great...
PC macaroni and cheese - white cheddar

1 review

Kraft Dinner has nothing on President's Choice white cheddar macaroni and cheese. You will not regret buying this. It's a great value for the money and it is delicious. It is the perfect balance of cheesy and creamy. Our family will not eat any other kind.
Uncle Ben's Bistro Express Bismati Rice

8 reviews

Je crois que tout le monde, quand viens le temps de cuisiner après nos longues journées de travail, Nous manquons de motivation. Les riz bistro express sont l’accompagnement parfait! Nous utilisons beaucoup le basmati à la maison mais il y à plusieurs saveurs...
Johnsonville Beddar with Cheeder

1 review

These are my favorite sausages, better than the "other" brand that is very similar. They cook up fast and easy and are versatile to serve with any side dish or by themselves. Can have them for lunch or dinner. Not one member in my family that doesn't love these. Only 6 in...
Seeds of Change Organic Basmati Rice

2 reviews

I had gotten a full size sample. Quick and easy to make. Every rice grain was cooked. I did find it bland on its own, having it mixed with a saucey dish was good.
Maple Leaf Naturel Selections Shredded Chicken

1 review

Just tried this shredded chicken for first time tonight and was pleased. Added this protein to my veggie stir fry and was full and satisfied! Healthy clean option and super easy - just open and through into dish. Next time will use in a chicken wrap! Just be sure to add...
Uncle ben's bistro express basmati cilantro and lime

1 review

I dont normally eat package food but this is the best I've ever had and I will continue buying. It smells good , looks good and taste good. The portion is just right. This is the best time. I love it
Hamburger Helper Crunchy taco

2 reviews

Hands down the best all around of Hamburger Helper. It is easy to make. Has great taste and it appeals to everyone in the family. Even my picky eight year old loves it. And that is a good feeling. For a quick fix on a busy day I would recommend Crunchy Taco!