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Laundry Care Reviews

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Lenor Fabric Conditioner Spring Awakening

9 reviews

I have been using the Lenor Spring Awakening fabric conditioner for years. It has a lovely long lasting fragrance. I've been complimented a few times from people when I've been shopping thinking it was perfume I was wearing. The fragrance lasts ages on your laundry after being...
All in 1 bold

1 review

The bold all in 1 pods are amazing alone but teamed up with a matching softener and lenor beads and it’s just incredible. I love the fact bold have teamed with lenor on these pods. I am absolutely loving the exotic bloom all in 1 at the minute it smells just like the alien...
Truearth Eco-Strips

5 reviews

I love how eco friendly these are. They do the job of cleaning my clothes and linen, and I like how light these are. As I have to go downstairs to do the laundry it's nice not to have to carry a heavy bottle!
Tide power pods original Heavy duty

1 review

I was shocked at how strong the smell is. I like it but I thought my son put too many scent boosters in the wash again instead of detergent. My son washed his comforter and his whole room smells like the tide pods and that smells transfers onto him when he comes upstairs. I...
Beko sensor drying

1 review

With beko sensor drying, it drys your clothes with out heat. It has different settings for different clothing. Shirt settings it irons the creese out, it has jeans settings so doesn't ruin your jeans keeps them in shape. Doesn't take long. You have a rapid settings also you have...
Dr.Beckmann travel wash

1 review

This has saved my kids clothes. From lipstick stains on white tops to good clothes put on by daddy getting ruined. Literally just wipes anything away. 100% recommend anyone to keep a tube in that cupboard under the sink.
COMFORT CREATIONS limited Edition Frosted pine and apple

1 review

I was sent this as a substitution for another scent of the same brand in my shopping. At first I saw pine and was put off. However, since using it does actually smell really nice and reminds me of Christmas. I really like the fact that clothes come out of my drier smelling...
Norwex Laundry Detergent

3 reviews

Using the laundry detergent from Norwack’s is amazing. My towels and face cloths have brightened up and smell much fresher than they did a few months ago. It is great for a spot removal and tough stains or Greece. I am really enjoying this product.
Gain dryer sheets Moonlight Breeze

6 reviews

I got a sample of the liquid Gain Moonlight Breeze softener and loved it. I bought the big liquid jug and wanted the matching fabric sheets to use in the dryer. The 120 count box is a great value, especially on the Subscribe & Save plan through Amazon. The fabric sheets smell...
Gain Original Dryer Sheets

39 reviews

Feuille assouplissante qui règle le problème d'électricité statique qui se produit lors du séchage des vêtements en sécheuse, Extrêmement facile d'utilisation, il laisse les vêtements doux. Évite aussi le repassage de certain tissus. il dégage un parfum extrêmement...
Tide Hygienic Clean Heavy Duty 10X Power PODS® Original Scent

1 review

I purchased this laundry detergent at Costco, there were 3 packages in the box. The scent is very strong - I found it too strong the first few times I used it but now I don't find it strong at all (we must have gotten used to it). I would not recommend it if you are sensitive...
Seventh Generation Laundry Detergent Packs - Citrus & Cedar Scent (45ct)

22 reviews

absolutely one of the best products I've used in a while. Very important for me and my family do you have a natural product that actually works. I would most definitely purchase this thanks again #FamilyRated #gotitfree
Arm and Hammer Baby Laundry Detergent

2 reviews

This is a great product for baby sensitive skin. It has no scent which is nice because the other baby detergents are so heavily perfumed. This product is greatly priced compared to other baby detergents that are definitely over priced.
Tide PODS Free & Gentle Laundry Detergent, Unscented

25 reviews

I have been buying these Tide pods for years as anything scented gives me a migraine. It gets all the stains out of our clothes and back to clean again. I also use this for my kids as they have sensitive skin.
Persil non bio

10 reviews

I only use persil non bio on my family's laundry. My 4 month old has sensitive skin and my husband has eczema and psoriasis. It is so easy to use and leaves the clothes smelling lovely! I have had compliments from strangers regarding how nice my clothes smell 😂 really good...
Arm & Hammer Sensitive Skin Laundry Detergent (SCENTED)

1 review

Okay, off the bat I must mention there are two versions of this detergent, one has scent and one does not. I picked this up by mistake, thinking it was unscented but I was wrong. I just naturally assume Sensitive Skin being blasted on the label means scent-free. Silly me. The...
Downy unstoppables in-wash scent boosters Lush

1 review

Great fresh scent unfortunately it doesn’t last as long as they say it should. I have put the beads in a mesh laundry bag and hung them in my front closet and linen closet to freshen it up.
Unstopables in wash scent booster- Spring

28 reviews

The dots dissolve easily in all water temperatures and the smell is fantastic. Makes all your clothes and linens smell amazingly fresh and the scent lasts ...
Fairy fabric softener

6 reviews

I have just recently purchased these items and absolutely love them. They leave my clothes smelling so fresh and soft . My family all have started to use now.
Lysol laundry sanitizer

21 reviews

When the kids are sick, I wash the sheets, etc in this. It works wonderful. Fresh scent smell to it. Now a days with all the different viruses out in the world we need a product like this.