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Laundry Care Reviews

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Oxy Clean Laundry Pre-Treat

3 reviews

I love this product I use to buy shout all the time, and since trying the oxi clean version I will never go back. It got our set in stains from months ago
Lenor tumble dryer sheet sparking bloom & yellow poppy

3 reviews

When I first purchased these I love them as they made my clothes smell lovely but then after a while I started to notice grease stains on my clothes and found out it was these as it happened on my sister aswell. I would wash and dry my clothes on a delicate wash so I don't know...
Attitude Baby Fabric Softener Sweet Lullaby

1 review

This fabric softener smells great and is very effective. I wasn't sure it would work well but decided to order it anyway as it contains safer ingredients. I am happy to report that it works just as well as the regular fabric softener I used to use! I switched a lot of my...
Tide pods 4 in 1 clean

3 reviews

I found that this product lefts dirt and cleans cloths good qith out having to use extra pods in a load of laundry. Easy to use and has the laudnry smelling great.
Snuggle Dryer Sheets

36 reviews

Love this product and always budget friendly. Works great on my clothes and love the smell.And the cute Snuggle Bear lol but the bear not the reason for my purchase and love for this product.Like icing on the cake as i love cute and cuddly things
Tide Simply + OXI

1 review

I admit it, I was a Gain lover because it smells so darn great. But then I noticed it wasn't doing that great a job with cleaning and my clothes felt "filmy". I feel honestly like after using different detergent that it was all about the smell, and not the cleaning power. Enter...
Gain Fabric Softener

39 reviews

I used this fabric softener all the time when doing laundry. The smell keeps my linen closet smelling fresh and clean. My clothes looks brighter and smells great.
Downy Unstoppable In-wash Scent Booster Beads

1 review

I received this product free to try just as a disclaimer. I’ve tried similar products and have had mixed results. These do add a nice and long lasting fragrance to your laundry although the downsides would be the cost, not to mention that these are not the most suitable...
OxiClean Max Force Laundry Stain Remover

2 reviews

Not to be confused with regular Oxi cleaners, a trusted professional housecleaner friend told me about this product and said specifically to get the OxiClean 'MAX FORCE'. I had a light cream coloured rug with an older coffee stain and I have an active family that stains are...
Bounce Fabric Softener Dryer Sheets Free & Gentle

19 reviews

I have an allergy to scented dryer sheets and Bounce Free and Gentle do what they are supposed to without a scent like most dryer sheets. Never leave any static
Comfort pure

8 reviews

I use this as I have sensitive skin. It is a little bit more expensive, but It is so lovely. The scent is amazing and it makes my clothes smell fresh and clean.
Love beauty and planet detergent

1 review

First off the smell is so nice and refreshing. I often times think lavender smells too medicinal but this scent is so pleasant and fresh. I love how clean my laundry feels, no residue left behind like other brands, and the scent stays nicely on each garment that I actually got...
Oxiclean multi purpose baby stain remover

1 review

I love that oxiclean came out with an unscented baby friendly version of their stain remover. We use half a scoop with each load of cloth diapers and it works wonders at removing the poo stains.
Surf washing powder

7 reviews

Pair this liquid soap powder with lenor burst of sunshine and your clothes will just smell like summer the smell will last you will catch yourself just smelling the clothes for no reason its divine.
Lenor booster

6 reviews

Fresh , spring fresh , beutiful , lovley , i love this get it all time , leaves my clithes , and bed covers smelling fresh for a long time ,get all scents love them
Gain aromaboost laundry soap

6 reviews

I love this Laundry Soap. It works really well in both cold and warm water. Cleans my laundry very nicely. The scent is so amazing it lasts for weeks. Gain never disappoints!!!
Colour catcher sheets

1 review

Would use again as it does stop most of the colours running from your clothes if doing a mixed wash, but probably can get better quality ones, but for around 90p you cannot complain.
Fairy laundry washing liquid

5 reviews

I've tried many washing up liquids and by far this cant be beaten. Washes up great, leaving a lovely shine on my dishes. Really good at getting rid of tough dirt and food stains. Also amazing for stains on clothing too! Lovely smell and gentle on my hands, doesn't dry them out...
Snuggle Exhilarations

1 review

I Love Using Snuggle Exhilarations Cherry Blossoms & Rosewood Fabric Softner In The Dryer For Our Laundry It Smells Amazing And Makes Your Clothes Smell So Great And Fresh . I Have Used Many Brands Of Fabric Softner But This Smells The Best .
Unstoppables washing machine scents

9 reviews

I used half of the recommended amount of the scent beads. When I was folding the laundry, the scent was so strong that I could almost taste it (like very strong perfume). I ended up washing some of the items again to get rid of the scent. My husband found that when he dried...