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Laundry Care Reviews

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Tide Pods Free And Gentle

47 reviews

Switched to these and loved it right off the bat! Whites are white and it doesnt irritate my skin like other brands! Usually am very sensitive skinned but not with this
Tide pods 3 in 1 spring meadow

18 reviews

Super easy to use just throw it in the wash and away you go. Leaves clothes smelling fresh. These pods sometimes leave a residue not to sure why. Other then that they work great.
Persil Laundry Disc

5 reviews

Persil laundry discs are the best laundry all in one! The scent is amazing and the scent lasts for days after! I highly recommend trying this product and it will get better if you wanna come back down the road for the next time!
Tide pods 4 in 1 clean

3 reviews

I found that this product lefts dirt and cleans cloths good qith out having to use extra pods in a load of laundry. Easy to use and has the laudnry smelling great.
Snuggle Dryer Sheets

36 reviews

Love this product and always budget friendly. Works great on my clothes and love the smell.And the cute Snuggle Bear lol but the bear not the reason for my purchase and love for this product.Like icing on the cake as i love cute and cuddly things
Truearth Eco-Strips

3 reviews

I can't rave about these enough- every time I do my laundry!!! They are so convenient! I live in an apartment building that has a separate laundry room on the ground floor. I have to haul my laundry there for two people every week and not having to lug a jug of detergent is...
Tide Free and Gentle liquid

34 reviews

I have been using this soap since Day 1 with my newborn son. I was not happy with the laundry soaps that caters to babies as they are heavily fragranced and I was not ready to pay an arm and a leg for high end posh baby products either. I love this product and recommend it to...
Persil Liquid Detergent

2 reviews

My favourite laundry soap by far! Clean not over power scent! Doesn’t irritate skin! Normally is easy to find on sale! Would definitely recommend it to anyone
Lenor Gold Orchid Fabric Conditioner

6 reviews

One of the best smelling Lenor scents, long lasting as leaves my clothes fresh and soft and the smell lasts for days, i use a capful and it goes a long long way
Gain Blissful Breeze

4 reviews

I was searching for a laundry detergent that not only cleaned my families clothes but also gave them a last scent and Yatazee. I think I have a winner.
Love beauty and planet detergent

1 review

First off the smell is so nice and refreshing. I often times think lavender smells too medicinal but this scent is so pleasant and fresh. I love how clean my laundry feels, no residue left behind like other brands, and the scent stays nicely on each garment that I actually got...
Gain Fabric Softener

38 reviews

I bought this a few weeks ago to try it out for the first time. It was on sale and I thought why not? I'm so happy I did! It leaves my clothes soft, clean, fresh and smelling great! They have various scents and I plan on trying them all as time goes on. Not sure yet which one is...
Unstoppables washing machine scents

8 reviews

I am regular user of this product. Just toss it in the tub and your laundry comes out smelling so fresh and clean. Aside from using it in my laundry, i also use pack some in a small empty teabag and put it in my closet for that wonderful fresh scent.
Oxiclean multi purpose baby stain remover

1 review

I love that oxiclean came out with an unscented baby friendly version of their stain remover. We use half a scoop with each load of cloth diapers and it works wonders at removing the poo stains.
Bounce Fabric Softener Dryer Sheets Free & Gentle

18 reviews

I loved the original bounce dryer sheets but these are even better! The ones I grew up with jad a scent to them that could sometimes trigger my allergies. Not these new ones!
Snuggle Exhilarations

1 review

I Love Using Snuggle Exhilarations Cherry Blossoms & Rosewood Fabric Softner In The Dryer For Our Laundry It Smells Amazing And Makes Your Clothes Smell So Great And Fresh . I Have Used Many Brands Of Fabric Softner But This Smells The Best .
Oxy Clean Laundry Pre-Treat

1 review

My daughter regularly has nose bleeds and often wears white, that says it all right, toss it. Until she bled on one of her favourite white hoodies, I had to save it. Unfortunately, I couldn't rescue it immediately but did get to it the very next day. As many of us know, blood...
Gain dryer sheets Moonlight Breeze

2 reviews

I love this scent and I love all gain products. This one has by far been my favorite. I use the dryer sheets, laundry detergent, as well as the liquid detergent. The scent is so amazing and lasts for a long time. Really keeps my clothes smelling great.
Persil non bio

7 reviews

My mom used to use this and nothing else, she would always say 'you get what you pay for' and she was right. It's a little more expensive than some, but you certainly get a good performance out of it. And it leaves everything soft and smelling so fresh.
Tide pods heavy duty

1 review

I have a 5 year old son and a fiance who works in construction. I always switch laundry soap because I could not find something that made our clothes smell clean. I got a sample of these pods and tried it and fell in love. They make our clothes and even my washer smell so good...