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Laundry Care Reviews

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Gain Fireworks Original Scent Booster

45 reviews

I love the light fresh scent it leaves on my clothing! Its not too strong but just enough to keep the clothing or linens smelling like heaven. A bit pricey, but its the same price as competing brands. Anyone looking for some extra scent on their clothes should give this a try.
Persil Laundry Disc

9 reviews

My husband brought a sample of this home one day from work claiming others with sensitive skin were using it with no issues. I was extremely skeptical. It doesn't say anything about gentle or for sensitive skin on the box... but we tried it anyway.... and it's TRUE, none of my...
Lenor Gold Orchid Fabric Conditioner

11 reviews

This is my favourite fabric conditioner. I always come back to this. I love the smell of it and it keeps my clothes smelling fresh for ages after they have been washed. My clothes always feel so soft after use this. Would highly recommend.
Smol Laundry Capsules

3 reviews

I’ve been using SMOL pods in my washing machine now for about 2 years. No more running out or it being sold out in your local store. SMOL deliver straight to your home! No issue if your not home either as the packaging is letterbox friendly. With the current situation with...
Tide pods 3 in 1 spring meadow

21 reviews

This product continues to exceed my expectations for its value and effectiveness.the scent is heavenly. My whole family uses it! These will continue to be in our home and I watch for it in flyers and in store. It’s fantastic!
tide zero liquid detergent soft lavender

1 review

Super and efficient detergent, cleans perfectly even heavily soiled laundry such as construction clothes. No harsh chemicals that itch my skin. Love the lavender fragrance
Tide Zero Soft Citrus

1 review

Received this to try & review ...Tide Zero Liquid Laundry Detergent Soft Citrus Scent. I have seen tide zero before but not this scent & always thought it was only for cold wash. Glad it good for both hot/warm/cold wash as some items need different temperatures. I love the...
Seventh Generation Fabric Softener - Free & Clear

26 reviews

This is a must have product in our home. It makes our laundry (especially bedding and towels) feel soft and clean. I highly recommend it for anyone looking for natural fabric Softener.
Downy Infusions Calm Dryer sheets

2 reviews

Cannot live without these dryer sheets!! When I smell my clothes a week later they are still fresh! Definitely worth the money - excellent scent.... long lasting effectiveness! I would definitely buy again!
Unstopables in wash scent booster- Fresh

30 reviews

I love how Amazing my washing smells and its long lasting too, my house always smells great and so fresh too while drying the clothes, highly recommend
Tide Free and Gentle liquid

37 reviews

I sometimes get reactions from too much scents, and so while I do use some scented stuff, I try to balance things out by using this more often. I've tried a few products and I seem to do best with this one. Truly can't notice a scent, and does my laundry just fine. Only problem...
Tide Pods Free And Gentle

49 reviews

I really like the tide pods free and gentle brand as it is safer for sensitive skin and free of most aggravating chemicals. These might not be the most eco-friendly options and can be hazardous to children so these may not be right for all households. Definitely worth a try!
Persil Liquid Detergent

5 reviews

This is by far my fave detergent on the market. Puts Gain and Tide to shame. I was so excited when they launched it in Canada and the quality of cleaning is incredible and the best scent ever. I swear by Persil.
Purex dirt lift action ‘after the rain’ xxl size

1 review

I love this detergent! Fragrance is not overpowering at all. The nozzle makes it easy for kids to pour detergent straight into washing machine. I’m also looking forward to using the containers as a heavy weight for fitness training
Lenor rose wonderland

2 reviews

Really like this scent, lasts along time and long lasting on school clothes . I am finding it hard to find this fragrance in most stores now though as I think it was limited edition
Oxiclean max force liquid gel stick

1 review

While eating dinner I spilled pasta sauce on my shirt. I applied Oxiclean Max Force Gel stick and tossed in the laundry basket till wash day. A few days later it was washed and the stain was completely gone.
Ecoegg dryer eggs

1 review

These eggs are fab. I can safely say they are well worth the money, they definitely reduced tumble drying time. They smelt lovely and made the washing smell great. Added bonus is that they are eco so you only need to replace the scents. Well worth £10
Downy infusions fabric conditioner calm

1 review

I have tried out many different scented fabric conditioners and this is by far my favourite! The smell is amazing! Notes of vanilla, musk & freesia all combined is glorious! I use on my clothing & bedding!
lenor ocean escape

1 review

I will definitely re purchase this product again. It smells so lovely and leaves clothing feeling super soft. the scent stays on the clothing for a long time .
Seventh Generation Powered by Plants Fresh Lavender Scent Laundry Detergent

1 review

The Seventh Generation Powered by Plants Fresh Lavender Scent Laundry Detergent in exchange of my honest review. I used this detergent to wash blankets and towels and the whole family everyday clothing and I loved the way it left everything really clean and smelling fresh. What...