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April 28, 2016

Although the amino acid benefits are hard to measure in feeling, performance, or results it is a scientific fact that this gift from our yellow jacket friends contain essential amino acids that are great for humans, especially those that are physically active. What better way to obtain these amino acids then through nature, and through a product that will also help fight allergies. I have always suffered from Hay Fever and Annual spring and fall allergies. Those allergies seemingly stopped after Bee Pollen Granules were added to my diet. For that alone it is worth 5 stars to me, but the specific amino acids in Bee Pollen also help with the following:

Cysteine - 3.4 mg per gram - deactivate free radicals and neutralize toxins
Alanine - 12.3 mg per gram - strengthens the immune system by producing antibodies
Valine - 12.1 mg per gram - essential amino acid that helps calm emotions
Leucine - 16.1 mg per gram - essential amino acid that increases alertness
Iso Leucine - 10.5 mg per gram - essential amino acid
Histidine - 5 mg per gram - essential for tissue growth and repair
Phenylalanine - 10 mg per gram - antidepressant, improves memory and reduces hunger
Serine - 12.4 mg per gram - strengthen the immune system by providing antibodies
Threonine - 10.1 mg per gram - assists metabolism and assimilation
Lysine - 10.7 mg per gram - enhances absorption of calcium
Methionine - 5.7 mg per gram - reduces withdrawal symptoms and depression
Arginine - 8 mg per gram - promotes regeneration of the liver
Aspartic acid - 22.8 mg per gram - aids in the expulsion of harmful ammonia from the body
Tyrosine - 7.6 mg per gram - helps with depression and fatigue
Glutamic acid 23.7 mg per gram - helps to decrease the craving for alcohol
Proline - 21.8 mg per gram - helps maintain and strengthen heart muscles
Glycine - 10.3 mg per gram - helps make hormones responsible for a strong immune system
Tryptophan - 2 mg per gram - anti-anxiety and anti-depressant

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