Gillette Fusion® ProShield™ Manual Razor with FlexBall™ Technology

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February 28, 2016

Best-in-class Manual Razor
Disclosure: Gillette® sent my household its Fusion® ProShield™ Chill Razor with Flexball™ Technology for free in exchange for our honest opinions about the product. The review that follows is based on our experience using this razor over a 3-week period. The razor was used in tandem with Gillette's Fusion ProGlide Sensitive Shave Gel and we evaluated its shaving performance on 1-4 days of facial hair growth.
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Design Qualities & Appearance:
The Fusion ProShield Chill Razor has a cool masculine design and a quality feel. The razor is very easy to handle due to its well-balanced ergonomic design. The risk of dropping the razor or cutting oneself while using it is extremely low. The Fusion Proshield Chill's cartridges seem to have been designed with a "clean" shave in mind. The cartridge effectively clears away cut stubble and shave gel as you pass it over your face. Performance:
The Fusion ProShield Chill Razor seems to have been specifically designed for sensitive skin. It doesn't irritate your skin or leave any redness after using it. The razor can be passed over your face very easily. Gillette's flexball technology ensures that the razor's blades always follow the contours of your face, resulting in a very close shave after a minimal number of passes. Also, the razor's precision trimmer enables you to effortlessly groom your sideburns.
There was no reduction in the sharpness (i.e., cutting quality) of the Fusion ProShield Chill Razor cartridge after 3 weeks of daily use. Each cartridge should last at least 4 weeks before needing to be replaced. The Fusion ProShield Chill Razor is very easy to clean. Cut stubble and shave gel residue can be removed from the cartridge by gently shaking the razor's head under some running water for a few seconds.
1) It was difficult to notice the "cooling technology" of the razor while shaving with it; however, after shaving, you can feel a pleasantly cool, tingling sensation on your face. This feeling lasts for about an hour.
2) Although there is less tug and pull while using the Fusion ProShield Chill Razor, it does tug at a few hairs when you try to pass the razor against the grain.
The Verdict:
Gillette's Fusion® ProShield™ Chill Razor with Flexball™ Technology is definitely the best manual razor we've tried in terms of its ability to deliver a close & comfortable shave, and its ease of use. Everyone in our household highly recommends it. #gotitfree

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