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April 24, 2012

Online shopping is suppose to be quick, easy and convenient but the JYSK store is stearing wayyyyyyy in the wrong direction!! First of all, it took 2 weeks for my order to "process".. I had to call their customer service line to see what was going on and I was amazed at the unprofessional staff they have hired!! The lady I was talking too was not only rude, but was trying to get another guy who worked there to take my call as she had "too much other work to do"... saying all this with me still on the line. Then she says "Ok, I'm putting it through right now". It then took another two weeks for the item to finally get to me only to be completely DAMAGED. There wasn't any protection in the box for my item, and boy did it ever take a beating!! Huge cracks all over it! How dissapointing to finally recieve what you ordered for it to be destroyed! In the end, I got a $25 gift card for the trouble, but it still amazes me how they are still in buisness. Has anyone else had problems with this company?!

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