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Quality of Service

Recommended? You Betcha!
June 29, 2013

You're gonna wait a long time before you get in. The line up can be up to 1h30. But the drinks inside worth it. Not the place to go if you wanna get drunk on cheap shot. Go their to have a nice night talking and sipping cocktail. The drink are a bit expensive, but there is a huge variety and the quality is impressive.



Quality of Service

Recommended? Fugheddaboutit!
July 05, 2010

Interesting combo which makes me borderline wonder about how I feel about this place. This used to be one of my favourite hangouts until my friends and I could no longer afford it. A couple of years ago, you could get a classic mason jar of cocktail for $15 plus tip. Now, it is $19.
Situation happened when we went as a big group and the bar and did not know that the prices were raised by 27%!! My friend who only brought a $20 bill with him got yelled at by the waiter for his $1 tip. It seemed that he was not careful enough to see that the prices have changed in his usual order so he really only had that much left to tip and the waiter was so incredibly rude and tried to embarrassed him as much as possible. It was only his friends but this could potentially have been something else.
The waiter's words were: Usually, you have to tip more than $1 because $1 is telling me that you do not like this drink (which was made by the bartender, not him...) You are telling me that this is bad quality.
My friend responds that he has not even tasted the product yet so how could he know that it is good quality or bad quality. The waiter stayed there and looked all around the table as if he was expecting someone else to pay him extra tip (for his rudeness and uncomfortable presence).
This bar is already one of the most expensive in town. Over time, they have really let their reputation slide downhill...

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