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Recommended? Fugheddaboutit!
September 01, 2013

I normally don't do reviews for services that are not that great but this particular service was just too terrible to go unnoticed. The day before I got a cut I went in to check out the place at the POLO PARK MALL, it seemed decent for a mall salon. This lady named ALEX said that she could do my hair the next day. I went the following day, showed her the hair that I wanted (it was clearly a bob cut), the colour mixture that I wanted again (I showed it to her as well the day I made an appt.). She told me to change wear this black cape and when I was already taking off my shirt she reopened the door and caught me half naked, she did not even have the courtesy to knock. She started dying my hair didn't even strip the previous color for the new dye to actually show, which was quite alright she probably did not want my hair to go even drier. The cutting part was worse, i showed her the picture again for the third time, she assured me that she knew what do. After cutting it was not a bob it was a just a short DORA THE EXPLORER hair, she redid it because I told her the haircut was not a bob cut, it just got even shorter and i got even more pissed when right after, my hair was still not a bob cut she then told me that oh i was not sure if you wanted it to be shorter on the back, and obviously that was the image I showed her, shorter on the back. I was not pleased. I ended up with a fish tail looking hair ends at the bottom part. Beware of this ALEX girl, not a good hair stylist, very messy work. She should be advised to spend more time in a hair and beauty school. I had to call up another salon to redo my hair (they did great btw).




Recommended? Fugheddaboutit!
January 07, 2013

On Saturday, December 29th, I stopped in for a haircut at the Polo Park Regis location.

The girl that cut my hair discussed with me the style and we agreed on a longer shagged wedge cut as was displayed right beside her cutting station.

I walked out of the salon with the worst haircut of my life that looked nothing like the style we had agreed upon.

The cut was uneven, the top layer was cut so short, it looked choppy and would not blend into the rest of the hair.

The rest of the cut was also choppy, with no continuity of style and areas where she had made an obvious error in judgment when cutting the top then could not blend the rest in because it was cut too short.

My bangs were cut far too short without discussion, done according to the fixer hairdresser because she had cut the top layer of my hair way too short to begin with.

I had to go to another stylist to have it corrected after my friends and family pointed out how choppy and uneven the haircut was at the back and on the top.
With a New Years party to attend, I felt like hiding my head in shame.

I am furious that I actually paid you $50.00 to RUIN my hair and then had to pay another stylist to try and correct her work.

It is causing my serious distress to mental well being as the hair cut is so bad and so wrong for me that it is affecting my ability to socialize.

Never, ever, ever will I recommend neither your salon nor the hairdresser that cut my hair.
I will be posting on all the review boards my experience at the salon and how absolutely devastating this cut was to me.

What I actually got was a really, really badly cut mullet and will not step foot into your salon ever again, nor will I ever recommend it.
I make sure I tell everyone where the awful haircut was done as many of my friends and co-workers have commented on it not being the best cut they have ever seen on me.

Ha, they are just being polite, my family told me like it is, the haircut is really bad.

Now here we are 2 weeks later and I still cry every time I try to style what is left of my hair.




Recommended? You Betcha!
April 09, 2008

I'm usually wary of mall/chain salons, but was in need of a cut since my regular hairdresser went on maternity leave. I'd been to Regis back in high school and figured I'd try it out again. I decided to check out the Regis Salon at Polo Park in Winnipeg. It was a walk in and I was given whoever was available, and I think going there was one of the best choices I made! The staff was really friendly, did an amazing job, and really make you feel comfortable there.
The first time I went and just got a cut, nothing exciting, just some length taken off, layers and my side bangs shortened. The stylist (Melanie), was really friendly and did exactly what I wanted. I've wanted to do something drastic, so I went back to her a few weeks ago for a cut and colour. This time I got a fringe/bangs, rather than my normal longer side swept bangs, and decided on a drastic colour change. Black with bright red highlights. She did an amazing job! I was worried about the red, about it being either too much or too little, but she put just enough. As well, I loved how she cut my bangs and the rest of my hair. Not only were many of the other stylists stopping by her chair to compliment my new look, my family and friends all love it as well! I'll definitly be going back to see her. Sadly (for me...awesome for her..) she too is now pregnant...just my luck! Always when I find a good one! Haha.

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