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    July 14, 2010

    Went here in June 2010 with my partner for dinner on a Monday night. The rooftop patio was beautiful. We both ordered the $25 prix fixe. I had the soup and poulet frites. The soup was much creamier than I expected for a vichyssoise. It was rather bland. My partner ordered the salad and we were both really disappointed. I understand that a salad that comes in a prix fixe isn't going to be anything great, but this was inedible. The dressing was mostly red wine vinegar. The salad consisted of green and red lettuce. It was just sad. My main was the chicken, and it was perfectly cooked (that is where they earned the one star for food in my rating). The frites were greasy, and tasted more sweet than salty. My partner made the mistake of ordering the steak frites. It was smothered in a too sweet red wine sauce. It was completely covered! Neither of us has ever had steak frites prepared this way. For dessert we both ordered the apple tart. It was a failed variation on a almond-based frangipan-type dessert. It was eggy and the crust/cake bottom was wet.

    We really didn't have any expectations going in, but were still incredibly disappointed. It was the type of food you expect at a banquet hall event.

    The women's restroom was appalling. Had I used the restroom upon arriving, we would have saved ourselves from a very disappointing meal.

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