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Cadbury Reviews

Cadbury Mini Eggs
Cadbury Mini Eggs

1122 reviews

Cadbury chocolate is the best! I literally had to take a break because they are soooo good I was eating a bag every other day - and a large bag, at that!

Cadbury Cream Eggs
Cadbury Cream Eggs

328 reviews

Well…. It’s coming to that time of year again when we all over indulge on chocolate (who am I trying to kid, I eat chocolate all year round) Cadbury is my absolute favourite, but I always look forward to cream eggs. Pop in the fridge for a hour, bite the top off, eat the...

Cadbury Dairy Milk Fair Trade Milk Chocolate
Cadbury has been my favorite chocolate for as long as I can remember. This one is the best for just plain snacking. Unfortunatly, I find it hard to stop sometimes as I am a cholcoholic!!!! It is very smooth and creamy. It melts in my mouth perfectly. Excuse me, but I must...

Cadbury Crunchie Chocolate Bar
If you like sponge toffee, this chocolate bar is for you. Sponge toffee coated in a thin layer of milk chocolate, it is what dreams are made of. I would suggest for others to try.

Cadbury dairy milk salted caramel
A friend suggested to me that I try a Cadbury dairy milk salted caramel bar. The flavours are amazing! The combination of the salty and sweet never fails to delight. It’s a keeper for sure.

caramilk cadbury chocolate
I had the opportunity to try the new salted caramilk bar from Cadbury before it hits stores! The first bite you take, you can taste the salt on your tongue instantly and then, it turns into a chocolate sensation. The second piece..since your tongue already identifies the salt...

Cadbury Crispy Crunch Chocolate Bar
Crispy Crunch chocolate bar is one of my favorite bars, it has a nice crunch, is good in ice cream, I use it in baking when I make cookies, it gives it a little extra crunch and good flavor.

Cadbury’s mini egg bar
A tasty, and delicious treat. I’d say perfect for Easter but it’s too good to just leave it for that time of year. Reminds me of my childhood every time I take a bite. 100% recommend

Cadbury’s creme egg
Love Cadbury’s creme eggs just wish they were out all year round. Brought some today from our local coop 2 for £1. They didn’t even make it home as we ate them on the car journey home.

Cadbury dairy milk buttons
I just recently discovered these products and if you’re at all familiar with chocolate wafers or melting couverture chocolate, these ones are quite similar. I would say that I expected more of a traditional Cadbury dairy milk flavour although this was not the case. They taste...

Cadbury Mini Eggs Shimmer
I love mini eggs so I thought I’d give these new sparkly ones a try. Although they look prettier it doesn’t actually add anything to the flavour and to be honest may just add more artificial ingredients overall. I wish I could eat these by the bagful, but they’re also not...

Cadbury caramilk chocolate bar
My favorite chocolate bar. Great snack, great treat. Good for baking yummy cookies, making smores. A household favorite and family favorite, the taste is amazing.

Cadbury Dairy Milk
Cadbury is by far my favourite chocolate brand, it's so rich and creamy. The dairy milk bars are a great tasting treat that melt in your mouth while you're eating it.

Cadbury Dairy Milk S'mores
Oh my goodness just the name itself S'Mores made we want to try it & it sure lived up to its name! The smooth creamy milk chocolate pack filled with graham cookie pieces & marshmallow bits was just simply to die for!

Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate bar
Dairy milk is just a classic chocolate bar. You can always guarantee it tastes great and hits the spot when you want chocolate. It’s smooth and creamy, and great just to eat. Also a great choice for baking, it melts great for chocolate covered strawberries or drizzle for...