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Cottonelle is a toilet paper brand produced by Kimberly Clark. The company has made several different toilet paper types such as regular, Cottonelle Double, (Two-ply) Cottonelle Ultra, Cottonelle Aloe & E, Cottonelle Kids, and Cottonelle Extra Strength.Cottonelle was introduced in Canada shortly after its 1972 introduction in the United States. Due to corporate changes in Canada, during 2004 Scott Paper Limited transitioned the highly recognisable Canadian branding to the new name of Cashmere.

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cottonelle  Cottonelle

@BFSingh Hey Brian! Plumbers tested our wipes extensively to ensure they're safe to flush. Also, they're the only f… https://t.co/mvezOigJHG

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@vanderhouwen Hi Ari! Not all wipes are equal, but our flushable wipes actually are safe-to-flush. You can check ou… https://t.co/lOGymTpwr1

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Cottonelle Reviews

Cottonelle Ultra Bathroom Tissue
Cottonelle is a trusted brand that I've been using for years. The quality of it is amazing. This tissue is soft and lasts longer than other brands. Cottonelle is very affordable

Cottonelle Flushable Cleansing Cloths
We all have moments of needing something more than toilet paper. This does its job! Although they say flushable i do not recommend flushing them. It still clogs your toilet after awhile.

Cottonelle superior clean bath tissue
Cottonelle is really superior clean product as bathroom tissue. Best one i have ever use. I really really like it as these are ultra soft and ultra clean. Cotton like feeling while cleaning. Worth buying cottonelle.

Cottonelle Flushable wipes
We love these wipes,but we dont like how expensive they are. Most big box stores have their own version and we have been happy buying those because of quantity, but would prefer cottonelle

Cottonelle fresh care flushable cleansing wipes
I bought these wipes at SDM on sale. At first, they were very moist, but they could easily break apart while I was using them. Unfortunately, they dried out before I had a chance to use them all up. I wouldn't recommend these!

Cottonelle CleanCare Bath Tissue, Double Roll Toilet Paper
This tissue paper is so soft and easy to clean off mess . It gives you value for money and it smells good . Definitely would recommend to family and friends

Cottonelle Flushable Wipes for Kids
If you want a clean bum .I highly recommend this to everyone .gets the job done of cleaning and killing the odor .its flushable and discreet. Easy to use and very comfortable to use

Count Cottonelle wet wipes
I got a sample pack of 10 flushable Cottonelle Wet Wipes. I was pleasantly surprised at receiving the package. The wipes are so soft and gentle. The best part is that it's flushable. Softly scented, it's become part of my night time cleansing routine. Thanks Kimberly-Clark for...

Cottonelle Ultra ComfortCare Toilet Paper, Bath Tissue
Lower stars for value, but only because the price is high. Being a primarily female house hold, TP is important! Great quality, just a bit pricey as there are others out there just as good but slightly less. Definite product to purchase when on sale though.

Cottonelle with ripples
I bought this toilet paper and now it is the only kind I buy. I find it is much thicker than the normal, and therefore not as much gets used. And so soft. :)

Cottonelle Clean Care Toilet Paper
Cottonelle is a brand I trust. The CleanCare toilet paper is only 1-ply, but it's thick and soft. It is better than the 2-ply paper from other brands. I purchase the mega rolls and they last a long time. The only "bad" thing about this paper is it's too short. It seems like...

Cottonelle Ultra Comfort Care* Double Roll Toilet Paper, 18 Rolls
I really enjoy using this specific toilet paper because it's thick and absorbs very well. With it being thick, my family and myself dont have to use as much and therefore we dont have to buy it as often so it really saves us money. The quality is unbelievable, I never find any...

Cottonelle bathroom tissue 4 pack
This toilet paper is a good one because it is pretty effective but i feel like it has great texture but lacks in quality for a female. it has a great texture though

Cottonelle moist wipes
Tried these for the first time, great for what they are needed for however I find that they are not thick enough and the finger pokes right through them, I also use them for removing makeup, a great product that needs a little tweaking but overall satisfied

Cottonelle Aloe & E Bathroom Tissue
This is the only toilet paper we purchase. It’s soft and gentle enough on even the most sensitive bottoms. It’s durable and doesn’t leave bits of paper behind. The value is unbeatable.