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Degree is a deodorant brand manufactured by Unilever. Known as "Sure" in the UK and "Rexena" in Japan and Korea, it was developed in 1908 by an Austrian pharmacist. Degree products come in stick, gel and spray forms. ChickAdvisor members have reviewed the Deodorant, Clinical Protection and NatureEffects Deodorant.

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Degree Reviews

Degree Women Black + White Antiperspirant Dry Spray
I was using this antiperspirant for one week. It does not leave marks on your clothes, but does not work as good as stick antiperspirant...in less than an hour I started feeling sweaty.

Degree Women® UltraClear Black + White® Pure Rain® Antiperspirant Stick
I love this product,it does what they advertise.Smells good,doesn’t leave white marks,it is very affordable.Also You can find coupons once in a while in stores.

Degree Women® Ultraclear Black + White® Pure Rain® Dry Spray Antiperspirant
Il sent tres bon et sa qualité es durable ! j’adore !! De plus le look es super beau et ne tache pas les vetements ! Je recommande ce produit! Je vais le racheter avec succes !

Degree® Women Revitalizing Botanicals Odour Protect Aluminum Free Deodorant
I've had bad luck in the past with aluminum free deodorants, but not with this one! It's the first time I don't have to re-apply half way through the day. This one really works all throughout the day. It goes on smooth, smells great, doesn't feel sticky. It's perfect! Will...

Degree® Women Calming Lavender Odour Protect Aluminum Free Deodorant
I received the Degree Aluminum free deodorant in the calming Lavender scent as a #freeproduct to test out with Chick Advisor. I was excited because this was my first time using this type of deodorant. The scent was amazing and wasn't super strong which I'm happy about. The...

Degree® Women Uplifting Citrus Odour Protect Aluminum Free Deodorant
I have been on the hunt for an aluminum free deodorant for some time now. I was shopping one day when I saw these new deodorants from Degree, and having been pleased with their product in the past before I decided to go aluminum free I thought I'd give it a try. The price was...

Degree® Women MotionSense Fresh Energy Antiperspirant Stick
I have tried many deodorants and I finally found this one. I hate when I can't find it because no other kind works as well. Even other degree products.

Degree® Women Dry Protection Shower Clean Antiperspirant Stick
I have very sensitive armpits and find most deodorants really irritate my skin. This one has been one of the few I’ve tried that don’t! It’s also long lasting and great smelling, which is always a plus.

Degree® Women MotionSense Berry Cool Antiperspirant Stick
I have tried this product. Its very good. Leaves your armpit dry for the whole day. I like the smell to makes my underarm smells really like a fruit..

Degree® Women Dry Protection Sheer Powder Antiperspirant Stick
I feel confident using this, as I sweat a lot more since having my boys, and this deodorant makes sure I’m the only one that notices my stress sweats!! Definitely recommend!

Degree® Women MotionSense Sheer Powder Dry Spray Antiperspirant
This is a great product. Smwlls good, goes on easy. Keeps you from smelling bad during a long day or a tough workout. I will definitely try it again 100%

Degree Dry Protection Deoderant - Women
I used to get rashes from all other deodorants but this one you can go with for ,12 hours and not smell n odour thank you degree for making such n effective product

Degree® Women Active Shield Antiperspirant Stick
Love this product. Have it in my gym bag at all times because I find it super effective at keeping me smelling fresh while I'm working hard. I prefer this scent to the other scents available, and it's a good value for the cost.

Degree® Women MotionSense Sheer Powder Antiperspirant Stick
Does your antiperspirant leave marks on your clothes? Degree Women® Antiperspirant UltraClear Black + White is specially designed to help keep your clothes looking new. With anti white marks on black clothes and anti yellow stains on white clothes. You’ll look great all...

Degree® Women MotionSense Shower Clean Antiperspirant Stick
I have been using Degree products for years and Shower Clean is one of my favourite scents. It helps to keep me dry and odour-free throughout the day. Not many antiperspirants are still effective at the end of the day!