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IÖGO is the new brand of great tasting yogurt and dairy products designed by Canadians for Canadians. We have put a lot of heart into creating our products because we believe that yogurt is a beautiful food... and the more people who can enjoy its goodness, the better.

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IÖGO Reviews

IÖGO Protein<sup>e</sup>
IÖGO Proteine

295 reviews

The texture and flavor is off. very grainy not like other brands that are smooth and creamy. I wouldn't buy this product again. I found the flavor to be off putting

IÖGO Smoothie
IÖGO Smoothie

231 reviews

J'adore les Iögo, ça fait changement des autres yogourt à boire, j'en prends toujours en déjeunant et ça apaise ma faim du matin :) Le goût est super bon et ça ne goûte pas chimique du tout.

IÖGO Creamy Yogurt
This is so full of flavour texture rich and creamy its so addicting I buy 650grams and eat the whole jug it's that good so I suggest that everyone at least try it I do recommend it.

IÖGO Nano Pouch
IÖGO Nano Pouch

237 reviews

Suggest checking your local muncipality recycling program first. For example In Toronto and Calgary, these pouches are non-recyclable. Yogurt taste is fine, maybe too much added sugar....but this review is mostly about the terrible packaging. ALL of it goes to garbage and...

IOGO Nano Drinkable Yogurt
I love love LOVE this yogurt. I love the texture and the taste. I also love that it comes in a lactose free version, which both my daughter and I need. Not only that, but because of the tip on the bottle, my ten month old is able to drink it with little assistance. I stopped...

IÖGO Greek Yogurt
IÖGO Greek Yogurt

132 reviews

Absolutely and completely perfect. Greek yogurt has a particular taste that always makes you want to eat more and it is absolutely the best ever. Buy it is a must for a healthy diet

IÖGO 0% Yogurt
IÖGO 0% Yogurt

53 reviews

iogo's 0% range has no artificial sweeteners and is made with real fruit. The flavours really pack a punch, tasting great both on their own or added to a smoothie for extra creaminess. Big fan of this range!

IÖGO Probio Yogurt
Ce produit fait partie de mon épicerie hebdomadaire. Autant adoré par les tout petits que les plus vieux. Son onctuosité et son goût est tout simplement parfait. Je le recommande fortement.

Ïögo Drinkable Yogurt
My daughter loves it , I even give this to my one and three months baby I mix it with chia seeds it’s a fantastic and easy to do breakfast, I feel confident to give this yogurt to my daughters.

IÖGO Nano Yogurt Cups
I find it very difficult to find whole milk yogurts to feed my little one that doesn't have sugar! Finally Iono has brought these great small yogurt cups with fruit. no refined sugars, flavours, colors or preservatives. It also packs a good amount of protein in the small easy...

IOGO Lactose Free Yogurt
I love yogurt but my gut doesn't. Finally a lactose free yogurt that is creamy and good tasting. So good I can't keep it in the house fast enough. My tummy loves me again. For a quick snack or along side a muffin for breakfast or even freeze a bit and have like ice cream.

Iogo Nano Yogurt Tubes
My3 year old absolutely adores the Iogo Nano Yogurt Tubes! These are the perfect snacks that you can easily pack for on the go. They are yummy and have a great nutritional value, they are definitely a snack you can feel good about giving your child. My son will be starting...

Iogo Greek Yogurt Grapefruit
This flavour of Yogurt tastes so refreshing, Inwould eat it as dessert. .m. I hope they keep the flavour not just for a limited time. Absolutely loved it!

iogo yogurt
iogo yogurt

2 reviews

Iiogo yogurt is very tasty and in kid friendly packaging for my toddler. It is a good price for the amount of drinks you get or pouches. Good flavours.

Iogo Dessert Yogurt
I LOVE Iogo Dessert yogurt. Its just nice to be able to have something that tastes very similar to something super bad for you, and have it be great for you.