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Kraft Foods Inc. is an American confectionery, food and beverage conglomerate. It markets many brands in more than 155 countries. Kraft Canada is the #1 packaged goods company in Canada. Almost 99% of Canadians are Kraft consumers, having purchased a Kraft product within the past year. Kraft Canada headquarters are located in Don Mills, Ontario. Strong iconic brands of Kraft Canada include: Cadbury, Crystal Light, Kraft Dinner, and Ritz.

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Kraft Reviews

Kraft Real Mayo
Kraft Real Mayo

6 reviews

I appreciate the squeeze bottle. Any condiment with a squeeze top decreases any mess around the lid & top of the jar and i feel like it stays cleaner with less change if cross contamination. Kraft mayo is creamy & light and delicious! Great for sandwiches and works the best for...

Kraft dinner alfredo
i tried this for the first time today, and their really good! they taste like a sidekick lowkey but i added some ranch(dont judge) and it tasted realllly good :]

Kraft Italian Zesty Lime
My girlfriend recommend this, I wasn't going to buy it , I am tired of the same old flavors of 'Ranch' and 'Italian' that are over used in many meals and recipes, I am just sick of them. She ended up giving me a small plastic jar with about a cup of this dressing to try. Where...

Kraft Easy Cheese
i love easy cheese i recommend this to anyone because it is awesome. i have bought this for all of my friends and family :)!!!!!!!!! they sll love it too !!!!!!!!!!!!

Kraft Pasta Salad Macaroni
it's a good alternative when i don't have time to make lunch or dinner. it's easy to make and i usually throw in some cold cuts. the portion is good for me and the price is not bad

Kraft beurre d'arachide au chocolat
nous l'apprecions autant en tartinade le matin que en collation ou tout simplement en sandwich quand nous sommes presser aimer par toute la famille merci

Christie Cheese Nips
I bought a box of Cheese Nips last week. Now I haven't had these since I was a very young kid. But the one thing I remember about them was how much cheese flavour they had. So as I bit in an start chewing my 1st Cheese Nip Cracker since my childhood, I knew instantly something...

Kraft Velveeta Slices 500gr
This cheese is excellent for a grilled cheese sandwich. I've only bought it once simply because I never saw it before. I will be buying this from now on as one of my staples. The taste is so much different and I love it.

Kraft Caramels
Kraft Caramels

30 reviews

Changed: texture. Now kind of waxy Flavor, no buttery element now. Just sugary.Shape, smaller flatter rectangle. Summary: buy some other kind. These have been downgraded to not worth eating.

Kraft Jet-Ouffed Original Marshmallows
Marshmallows are so soft and meltable! These taste great alone or used with Graham crackers and Hershey chocolate. These melt perfectly over a nice fire. Or in the oven.

Kraft BBq sauce garlic
Goes great with pork ribs, chicken, etc. Classic sweet barbeque sauce at a very affordable price and easily available at the grocery store. My mom would use these all throughout my grade school years.

Kraft Asiago Ceasar Dressing
I love this dressing u would buy it over and over again the taste is amazing and adds a great flavour to a simple salad I recommend this product to everyone who loves a good salad

Kraft Handi-Snacks Oreo Cookie Sticks n' Creme
These are definately the least healthy of the Kraft Handi-Snack products, but the biggest treat for a kid! The sticks are chocolatey oreo cookie and the "creme" is really just frosting. It's basically a deconstructed Oreo, but more fun because you get to dip the cookie part into...

Kraft Handi-Snacks Breadsticks n' Cheese
We used to really love these for a quick on-the-go snack but the new packaging makes it so that it's even hard for an adult to open and there's absolutely no way a kid could get in there. I am disappointed in this change and would like to see more user-friendly and packaging for...

Kraft Greek feta Dressing and Marinade
This salad dressing is my favourite! I also use it to marinate vegetables and potatoes. It is a staple in our home! I also like that it uses extra virgin olive oil.