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Kraft Foods Inc. is an American confectionery, food and beverage conglomerate. It markets many brands in more than 155 countries. Kraft Canada is the #1 packaged goods company in Canada. Almost 99% of Canadians are Kraft consumers, having purchased a Kraft product within the past year. Kraft Canada headquarters are located in Don Mills, Ontario. Strong iconic brands of Kraft Canada include: Cadbury, Crystal Light, Kraft Dinner, and Ritz.

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Kraft Reviews

Kraft Dinner Cheese And Tomato 200gr
this is a good twist to the traditional KD mac and cheese dinner. the addition of the tomato flavour is pretty good. my family loves ketchup, this is a great product !

Kraft Dream Whip
This product is handy to have in the cupboard so you can whip up some topping in a pinch. Can be used on a lot of different treats. I find that it tends to be more expensive than the frozen alternative.

Kraft coconut marshmallows
OK....these used to be my favorite marshmallows, but I can't find them anywhere. Are they still making them in Canada? The coconut is toasted and they are out of this world when roasted over an open flame. I want some now.

Kraft Velveeta Shells & Cheese
This is a classic-- both kids and adults love it. It is really easy to customize it with meat, veggies, and different hot sauce or seasoning.

Kraft Habanero Heat Shredded Cheese
This stuff is great. I love it! I tried it last week and now it will be my go to for shredded cheese. It's convenient and super tasty. It has a bit of a kick, which is good, but still has flavor. I highly recommended it on nachos or tacos. It is a good price too. So all in all...

Kraft French dressing
Kraft French Dressing is the #1 Brand and flavour of salad dressing we purchase for our home. It tastes amazing on salads and perfect for dipping veggies!

Kraft calorie wise orginal sauce
Yuck I didn't like the taste of the calorie wise orginal sauce at all ,it just tasted so different then the other one .Family didn't like it either ! I guess I should throw it out lol

Kraft Jet-Puffed HeartMallows Strawberry Marshmallows
We bought these Strawberry Marshmallows in States.....& love them. Not over powering a really nice light taste. Enough that you know they are strawberry. Great treat by themselves or we added a few to our rice krispies ....wow it sure jazzes it up. Plus they are cute heart shape...

Kraft Pure Red Raspberry Jam
Kraft raspberry jam has been my favorite for a long time! I do try to watch labels and from what I have seen it is better than the other mainstream brands. I especially enjoy that it does not have sodium benzoate in it. I just absolutely love the taste more than anything!

Kraft Stove Top Turkey
This is not for my family, none of us cared for it and ended up ordering take out instead. It was very rich, too rich for my taste buds. I will stick to the tradition turkey I think.

Kraft Dinner Smart
the kraft dinner is so easy to make, it's a good alternative when i want to make something quick in a short period of time. the taste and flavour is good.

Kraft Cinnamon Granola Raisin Peanut Butter
Its a cool idea, Cinnamon Granola Raisin Peanut Butter. I don't mind it. It tastes good enough to eat, but not good enough that I will continue to buy it. Im not 100% sold on this product personally. But that being said I would still recommend it because I know many people...

Amooza Twists
Amooza Twists

18 reviews

I love these cheese sticks! The cheese tastes fresh, it has the perfect amount of salt, and they are a convenient option to grab for lunch or a quick snack. I have never been disappointed with a pack that I have purchased. I do agree with others that wish they would go on sale...

Kraft Cheez Whiz Light Cheese Spread
Me and my cousin tried it, it’s acidic and VERY VERY salty. Doesn’t fit our cheese love list, yeah :( sorry it’s just not good like peanut butter eh ale.

Kraft Pizza Kits
Kraft Pizza Kits

16 reviews

This pizza kit has always been our favorite "go to" for homemade pizza. The sauce has always been the extra special part for me as the zangy taste was great! I have found in the last 3 or 4 kits that the sauce has been changed! It is a disappointing bland tomato sauce. If it...