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McDonald's Reviews

McDonald's Fries
McDonald's Fries

226 reviews

sometimes they really vary in taste but overall theyre very good. occasionally when ordering they will taste very off though. almost like cleaner. you know im addicted though! overall they usually have a salty crispy texture that always pairs well with their food.

McDonald's McFlurry
I grew up eating Blizzards from Dairy Queen so I thought I would try a McFlurry since I don't have a DQ that close to me. I got the M&M;one and it tasted really good but all of the M&M;'s were at the top so you were left with vanilla ice cream. I mixed it up myself and it tasted...

McDonald's Baked Apple Pie
What is up with this dry hard crust with dried out apple filling?? The crust is dry and hard enough, but then hard sugar crystals are baked on crystalized, making it like a brick!! Come on McDonald's bring back the soft chewy deep fried apple pies the way they used to be!!...

McDonald's Big Mac Burger
I absolutely love this burger. From the sesame seed bun to the pickles, sauce, onions and cheese it is a delicious choice. Always leaves me full and I enjoy that in a burger

McDonald's Big Mac Sauce
It’s great that McDonald’s has started to package some of their popular sauce products, and this one tastes exactly like what you would expect to find at a McDonald’s restaurant. For those who know and love this sauce you’re also probably aware that it’s not the most...

McDonald's Chicken McNuggets
I love McDonalds and so do my daughter. She absolutely love these chicken nuggets. They are very delicious. But they would be better once the IRS. Mcdonalds is a fair price restaurant. I would recommend

McDonald's Happy Meal
My kids love kids meal from mc Donald’s Specially the new toy they get inside ..this brings joy to them during this hard times the world is going trough. They also love the fries and chicken nuggets and there selection is always a chocolate milk I really love it .

Mcdonald's Oreo McFlurry
This was so tasty it was soft but sweet for all the family it had Oreo crunches in it and some dairy Ice cream my favourite part was the Oreos broke up

McDonald's strawberry cream pies
I absolutely love McDonalds strawberry and cream cheese pies. I love the apple but the strawberry is top of the line to me I will always purchase them from time they start making them until season is over. I wish they would add them to the menu as regular item instead of...

McDonald's Junior Chicken
J'adore le junior au poulet chez Mcdonalds. Je le prend toujours, car je n'aime pas le boeuf haché alors pour moi c'est une très bonne alternative pour manger un hamburger. Il est moelleux et croustillant à la fois, je l'adore. Par contre, il est un peu cher pour sa grosseur.

McDonald's McChicken Sauce
Oh my, I wish I didn't love this taste so much! I'm celiac so I certainly cannot have McDonalds food. So, with their sauces I get the flavor but without the gluten. One of the greatest things McDonald's did was making their sauces available for the home. Which is  now available...

McDonald's pumpkin pie
If you like anything pumpkin, and you want a quick, cheap, sweet treat. Then this is for you. It was warm on the inside and slightly crunchy on the outside. To say I was in heaven would be an understatement.

McDonald's Filet-O-Fish
It’s very cheap and obviously heated up, doesn’t taste like fish at all and it made me sick to my stomach minutes after eating it. I was throwing up for hours. Would not recommend. Cheap and distasteful.

Mcdonald's hot mustard
This is a low calorie fat free alternative to the other sauces that has a wonderful taste. It is a family favorite even by my daughter who is a pickey eater.

McDonald's Filet o' Fish Tartar Sauce
I simply love, love, love McDonald's Tartar. I only used to use Kraft's Tartar Sauce BUT NOW l only use McD's because it is simply the best! It tastes like you made it at home.