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Purex Reviews

Purex Baby Liquid Laundry Detergent
I thought it was a good option because it’s FOR babies but it caused my daughters skin to break out. I know each child has different reactions to products but after digging there is a lot of chemicals in it that isn’t good for anyone’s skin let alone babies.

Purex Cold Water Laundry Detergent
This is the only laundry soup that I use. My son was super sensitive as a child and he never had a reaction to it. The smell is light so your clothes don’t stink after they are washed.

Purex Premium Bathroom Tissue
Since I have some storage space, I appreciate a bulk purchase for products that don't have an expiry date. I also appreciate that this purchase isn't over packaged - I don't need each roll separately wrapped. I like that the rolls themselves aren't too big - we live in an older...

Purex 2X Ultra Concentrate
I love the scent and the effectiveness, the thickness. Works great and smells like a baby. I wish that they would go on sale and they don’t. The reason why I stopped buying it is that the market price is three times more than a leading brand of detergent with a larger size...

Purex Complete 3-in-1 Laundry Sheets
I used these back when I was in college. I think the idea is brilliant and it's perfect for people who just want to do laundry quickly. These sheets are effective and leave your clothes smelling nice. My only complaint would be that they're priced higher than other Purex...

Purex Baby Soft Liquid Laundry Detergent
××× BENEFITS ××× • Good quality product. • No smell. • Baby clothes never irritated. • Clean well clothes even if they are very dirty. • Perfect for baby. • One of my girlfriends also happens because she has allergies and is much better with this...

Purex dirt lift action ‘after the rain’ xxl size
I love this detergent! Fragrance is not overpowering at all. The nozzle makes it easy for kids to pour detergent straight into washing machine. I’m also looking forward to using the containers as a heavy weight for fitness training

Purex Dirt Lift Action Coldwater Laundry Detergent
I love this laundry detergent, i have sensitive skin and dont react to it and it seems to lift stains well. It also smells great and is usually cheaper then other leading companies.

Purex baby soft
We've been using Purex Baby Soft laundry detergent for the past years and although we started using it just for baby clothes, we now use it for the whole family because it is so gentle, yet works well and smells absolutely amazing. It's definitely my favorite laundry detergent...

Purex with bleach
I use this detergent for my light colored clothing. My son is super tough on his clothes. He wears a uniform to school with tan pants and pale colored shirts. This detergent has gotten everything out, from paint and markers to all kinds of food. Will be using this for years to...

Purex natural style laundry detergent
I really love the smell of this product and the quantity that you get for an affordable price. It always removes stains, and leave my clothes smelling great and soft.

Purex Bathroom Tissue
The Purex bathroom tissue is the best one I have tried in Canada. It's very soft! I have just a recommendation for the manufacturer: as the packages are usually large, they don't fit any bag and customers need to carry them.So, there should be a strap, made with the package...

Purex cold water laundry soap
I have really sensitive skin - I find Purex is great for not causing any itchiness. I like the subtle fragrance and the cleaning power. The liquid is often on sale and reasonably priced - good value

Purex scent crystals
This is one of my favorites and it is very affordable the effectiveness isn't quite long lasting as I would prefer the fragrant choices are really good, could be better selection.

Purex dirt lift Action laundry  soap
I usually use Purex laundry detergent since it works well and Purex is available at a great price.I recently tried the Dirt Lift Action Purex which works on regular laundry as well as to clean out tougher stains like those left by the dog or from my dirty gardening clothes. I...