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no one: me every morning I wake up: https://t.co/YxWtvMuh2K

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@_travis_____ We're sorry your oatmeal is clumping. We have many procedures in our plants to control excessive mois… https://t.co/7EnkBpyvu3

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@ariprado18 Hi, Ariana! We're very sorry! From your photo, it looks like a charred cake. Please DM us so we can help.

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Quaker Reviews

Quaker Harvest Crunch Quinoa Bar
Nous achetons très régulièrement les barres tendres Quinoa Chocolat et Noix, elles sont délicieuses. J'aimerais par contre qu'il y aille moins de sucre et des ingrédients plus équitables et sains pour la santé.

Quaker Instant Oatmeal Flavour Variety Assortment
Super quick and easy breakfast item that I always have in my pantry. So many different flavours to pick from and they're all tasty! Definitely hits the spot if you need something warm and filling in the mornings (or even as a snack!)

Quaker Harvest Crunch Cereal Original
I always add Quaker Harvest Crunch to any bowl of cereal I'm having. It adds crunch and a fullness i don't usually get from other brands. This is an absolute staple in my home.

Quaker Chocolate Chip Granola Bars
My son will normally only eat the chocolate covered ones. But we got a sample of this one in the mail and he tried it and gave me a big thumbs up and told me to buy more. My son does have sensory issues so foods with textures and different tastes are always a challenge. But this...

Quaker Chewy Dipps Caramel Nut
This has been my go to snack throughout elementary school, junior high, senior high, university and now in the work place. Caramel is my absolute favorite topping. Quaker caramel nut bars are absolutely delicious and an awesome on the go snack for any age. I buy them regardless...

Quaker Chewy Dipps Chocolate Covered Peanut Butter Granola Bars
I would have to say that this is more of a chocolate bar with a granola layer thrown in, but this bar is divine for a sweet treat/ mid-day pick me up! The chocolate layer is very sweet, while the peanut butter is smooth and a touch salty. I want to go buy some of these bad boys...

Quaker Instant Oatmeal, Apples and Cinnamon
As of now, this is my favorite oatmeal flavor! I love the taste of the apple ! Plus, it keeps me satisfied until lunch unlike other breakfast meals. It is super easy to make and I can eat it while going to work without it being messy! A must in a pantry!

Quaker Yogurt Granola Bar in Strawberry
I find them a little sweet. They aren't a health food with just one gram of fibre and eleven grams of sugar per bar. They do have 10 percent of your daily calcium but you would do better to drink a glass of milk. They do have a nice strawberry flavour.

Quaker Chewy Granola Bars - Chocolate Chip
These granola bars are healthy and tasty snack which can be consumed anytime during the day. These are crunchy and I love the chocolate chip and granola combination. My entire family love them

Quaker Crispy Minis Gluten-Free Everything Rice Cakes
I have loved the quaker buttered popcorn flavor rice cakes since I was a child but when I tried the Everything flavor, I was blown away. They are so good. I buy at least 3 packs every time I see them on sale in the store.

Quaker® Overnight Oats Toasted Coconut & Almond Crunch
These come in packs of two. I get the Coconut & Almond Crunch flavour as it has less sugar than the other flavours. I love the portion side of these, and I like to keep these on hand for quick weekday morning breakfasts. It’s easy to pour milk (or almond milk as I like to use)...

quaker cocoa and sea salt instant oatmeal
As someone who likes cocoa I was surprised at the generous amount of cocoa. It was sweet, tasty and smelt like hot chocolate. The sea salt balanced out the sweetness nicely and I didn’t need to add anything to it as it was filling. I would definitely have it again and would...

Quaker Crispy Minis Gluten-Free Butter Popcorn Rice Chips
Great tasting rice chip snacks. I love the light butter popcorn flavour - convenient and light in calories. Can't wait to try other flavour! Will recommend to my friends and family for sure.

Quaker, Oat so Simple Strawberry Jam Limited Edition
When i saw this in the shop i thought it was going to be a sachet of porridge and a strawberry jam sauce but No, it was all mixed into the porridge oats.. a bonus an less mess. You're meant to put this in the microwave ( obv not the sachet) but i enjoy making it in a saucepan on...

Quaker Cripsy Minis Caramel Kettle Corn
Quaker Crispy Minis Gluten-Free Caramel Kettle Corn Rice Chips are absolutely fabulous. I love the sweet taste of the caramel. It isn’t too sweet. These make for a light and tasty snack anytime. I highly recommend these rice chips.