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Inspired Living Stainless Steel Tumbler with 2 Straws Reviews
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    April 11, 2016

    As far as steel tumblers go, this one pretty much delivers on all the major points that it promises. The construction is sturdy, the anti-leak design keeps it secure, and it remains cold for a long time. Aside from one or two minor issues, you pretty much get what you expect.

    The tumbler itself is very well built. The metal is lightweight but didn't seem to dent when accidentally dropped, and the metal straws seemed similarly sturdy to me. Anyone worried about a metallic taste (which was my first concern) should know that I never detected any strange tastes while using this. Finally a metal drinks bottle that doesn't taste gross!

    The tumbler design allows it to keep drinks hot or cold for quite some time, and it also prevents that annoying moisture buildup you sometimes get on the outside of the cup. It's a little thing, but I did appreciate it. The seal that helps to keep it secure is probably the only major thing that bothered me. Don't get me wrong, it works very well, but just getting the grooves lined up and shut properly was a bit of a pain for me no matter how much I used it.

    The straws have a certain unique design which means that they also help prevent leaks and spills. The tumbler isn't totally airtight, and if you flip it over there will be some leaks, but simple tipping, sloshing around or other movement short of outright inverting the cup will not spill, which I appreciated.

    My only other complaint is a matter of personal taste, but I found the cup to be visually dull. It does the job well, and it holds a very impressive amount of liquid, so really this is a minor thing, but taking this out or to the gym I felt like I was carrying around an extremely basic and ordinary looking tumbler.

    Protip: Tumbler is not as big as it seems due to double insulation, the actual cup starts at the second line near the base.

    Functionality is great, only issues were getting it sealed shut and the actual aesthetic design. Still a great product.


    Holds lots of liquid
    Very secure
    Comes with two straws and a cleaner
    Keeps temperature correct without moisture buildup
    Seems very sturdy
    Does exactly what you need it to

    Lid can be a real pain to close sometimes
    Visually uninteresting

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