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    November 28, 2011

    We bought a Maytag washer very simpler to this one and it was a pace of junk. When we got it home and set up, it jumped around like it was on fire. So my husband took it right back and made them give us another one. It also jumped around, but he was able to at least level this one off. It still would go crazy when it was on a spin cycle, or when ever it had a mind to, it didn’t clean his work cloths very well at all and there was no way our king size comforter would fit into it. Pretty much every load I did no matter how big, or small I’d have to stop it and straighten its insides out because it would go over to one side. We thought it could just be jumping around like it did because of the old floors in our home. Our house is very old and the floors are all uneven. Any how about a week after the warranty was up on this washer, witch was only one year, it died on us. When we bought a replace washer we bought a Frigidaire and were shocked when we started it up. This new washer never made a move no matter what cycle it was in, or what I was washing at the time. It turned out our old floors had nothing to do with the way the Maytag worked at all, it was just junk! I’d never buy another Maytag appliance again! Now when ever I see that Maytag repairman on TV it just buns my butt to hear him speak of how well made they’re products are!!

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