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Organic Hemp Seed Oil Reviews

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    May 13, 2015

    Ever since I turned 16, my skin has been a nightmare -until I started using hemp seed oil that I purchased on a whim on chii.ca... It was one of the best decision's of my life!!! I bought the 450 ml bottle of oil for $8.25 plus shipping, and I am so happy about the improvement in my skin's texture and appearance! I was using almond oil for 3 months and only saw a very small improvement in post acne marks and scarring, but as soon as I switched to using hemp seed oil, I IMMEDIATELY noticed my skin was visibly brighter and smoother.

    It has now been two months since I received the oil and used it that very night to cleanse and moisturize my skin. I usually wear makeup to cover the acne and scarring on my face, so I used my hands to warm up the oil and then worked it into my skin and it melted all of my makeup off (you could also add almond oil to help remove heavy makeup) and I easily wiped it away with a cotton pad. I rinsed my skin with lukewarm water and then added about half a tea spoon hemp oil with some water and massaged it into my skin for a minute or so and then laid a hot towel on my face until it cooled down to room temperature to open up my pores. I used the same towel to wipe away the "dirty oil" as it had pulled the left over sebum and impurities out and unclogged my pores, especially in my t-zone. I then used another dime sized amount of hemp oil to massage it into my face, gently on the eye area and over the blemishes on my cheeks, chin and forehead and patted it into my skin. I splashed cold water on my face to "Finish" and my skin was so clean and healthy looking. It wasn't red like it usually is if I steam my skin, it looked balanced and radiant, and there was a not trace of makeup left.

    I did the same procedure every morning and night for two months now and the results are amazing. My family and everyone at work has been complimenting my skin and saying that it looks like it's glowing! I think the fact that the oil is certified organic and free from preservatives and dyes, rich in omega's and EFA's, and has a comedogenic rating of zero (it will not clog your pores), it has so many health and beauty benefits.

    Hemp seed oil has been miraculous to not only my facial skin, but the eczema on the back of my neck that I've had for almost my whole life, is almost all gone! I also rub some on my elbows and knees and have found that the oil has hydrated them very well.

    I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this product to anyone who is suffering from acne or sensitive or normal skin with any type of concern. Hemp seed oil will not only effectively remove all skin impurities during the oil cleansing method, it will aid in reducing and eventually curing acne; it reduced inflammation and redness; it healed my dry skin and eczema, and it's been acting as a great oil treatment for my hair and serum for moisturizing the dry ends of my hair.

    I store the product in my fridge, since it will stay the freshest in there, but I don't mind making the trip to the kitchen to pour a little of this miracle oil in a bowl for my beauty routines.

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