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Overwatch Origins Edition PC Reviews
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    June 01, 2016

    Overwatch is the PC game that I have been waiting to play for the past few years with very, very high expectations. After it was announced with an incredible trailer that promised a thrilling shooter with 21 unique characters and a colourful, vibrant aesthetic, I was worried that the hype would ruin the actual game for me. It's a common cycle in the video game world, where the excitement for the product overshadows the actual game itself. Now that it's finally been released, I'm very pleased to say that I'm personally thrilled with this game.

    Overwatch is a team-based online shooter, often compared to games like Team Fortress 2. It features 21 playable characters with unique abilities, strengths and weaknesses, and pits two teams of six players against each other. Each match is on the shorter side, usually between five to ten minutes depending on how evenly-matched the teams are, so you don't need to devote huge stretches of time to this game. You can hope in for a quick match before work, or play a game or two before bed without it taking up hours of your time.

    For anyone who likes to play games alone, or who wants to play some kind of campaign, be warned that Overwatch is EXCLUSIVELY online and team-based. You cannot play alone, and you cannot play offline. You can play against a team of computer-controlled bots, which I think is a great way to get comfortable with the game, but even then you will be playing with humans on your team. If you enjoy team-based shooters that encourage teamwork, you'll definitely enjoy Overwatch. But if you want a single player campaign or storyline, you should definitely stay away.

    One of Overwatch's biggest strengths is the fact that its 21 characters allow for a huge variety of playstyles. Some characters might reward incredibly precise aim and lightning-fast reflexes, but many do not. Gamers worried about not having the reflexes necessary to compete online can still play a variety of roles thanks to some characters having weapons that auto-aim (no precise aiming needed) or abilities that support your teammates with healing or other bonuses. The biggest barrier to online shooters is often the very precise skills that players feel they need, and thankfully Overwatch allows for even the newest of gamers to jump in and find a role for them.

    Finally, the art style and general aesthetic of Overwatch is phenomenal. The character designs alone are refreshing, covering everything from the femme-fatale (Widowmaker) to the cheery and playful (Tracer) to downright unique characters like a giant ape/scientist (Winston) or a rocket-powered knight with a huge laser-like shield (Reinhardt). All of the characters, as well as the environments, are designed to fit together while still being colourful and unique. Considering how often the shooter genre falls back on the same dull visual designs, this is a huge breath of fresh air.

    For an online, team-based shooter, Overwatch really is everything I was hoping for. As an added bonus, the developers have promised to deliver future DLC content for FREE, including new maps, characters, and additional cosmetic items that you can unlock. I really could not ask for more.


    + 21 Characters
    + Supports different playstyles
    + Gorgeous aesthetic designs
    + Team based shooter that encourages teamwork
    + Allows play against AI enemies
    + Future DLC promised to be free


    - No single player or offline options


    Recommended: Yes! Characters are fun and varied and gameplay is super fun.


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