Studio Line Indestructible For Women Reviews

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What makes Indestructible different? Its unique Bounce Back Technology that allows hair to return to its styled shape even after the daily stresses on hair. Whether these stresses are wind, clothing, humidity, or simply running your hands through your hair, Indestructible ensures a 24h hold.Specifically for extreme looks, Indestructible’s concentrated formula allows for shape memory so that your hair returns to its initial style without leaving any greasy residue.Indestructible Fixing Spray’s purpose is to fix an already styled look.Its micro-aerated, vitamin-enriched formula has been created so it’s strong enough to hold a style, but intentionally not strong enough to penetrate into the hair which would compromise the style. With this in mind, the diffuser has been designed so that the formula spray is more spread out and less concentrated to reinforce the existing style and provide an extra shine boost without build-ups or residue.

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