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Tile Mate Reviews
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    December 30, 2016

    For us, the Tile is a good solution to a constant problem in our household. My Husband loses his phone in the house ALL. THE. TIME.

    You basically register the chip on the Tile website, download the App, enter your personal information (for demographic research), and attach the tile to whatever object you want. Use the App to find your object when it's missing - it's really that simple.

    You can use double sided tape (the strong type!) on objects like your ipod. You can also attach an O-Ring to loop it through keys or onto an object that has holes in it. For a wallet, just slip it in - you won't even know it's there it is so small.

    If you want to track your phone if it gets lost, just keep the tile with you in a handy spot - double tap it, and your phone will ring (pending it is not out of power!) whether or not you have the volume on. You do need the App running on the phone in the background in order for it to be found though, so Apple phone users, be aware of further battery power loss!

    You DO have to have Bluetooth Capabilities on your Smartphone in order for the Tile to be effective - thus, your object has to be within a 30 metre range for current location finding abilities.

    If your phone is turned off, just log into the Tile website, and it will tell you the last location it was before the phone was turned off. We tested this feature out while I was going to the doctors last week and it actually does give a good location pinpoint (I turned it off at the Doctors Office - 2km from home). Alternatively, if someone else has the Tile App, you can "Share" the Tile's functionality and determine the object's current or last location as well.

    If the tile is not on your phone, you can be notified of the object's location if someone with a Tile passes by the object...but the likelihood of this happening is rare considering I had never heard of the Tile prior to last week, and the people I have spoken to about it have never heard of it either.

    You can find your objects via the sound (your choice) it emits when it's in Bluetooth range - and it's pretty loud, thus easy to find Husband's phone when he's looking for it!

    Apparently after a year, the Tile's batteries run out, and it has to be replaced... we will see if this is true in a year! Hopefully the technology will improve over time to include a rechargeable tile or something to that extent.

    Overall, it's okay. It's perfect for someone who loses their keys/wallet/phone/iPod in the house constantly, but for misplacement or theft, it's more difficult to track your objects real time location - so in that aspect, it is not much better than Apps you can download on your phone already. For our purposes it works, but it's not quite as awesome as I anticipated.

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