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Crackers Reviews

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Sanissimo Salmas

262 reviews

Since this quarantine situation, my family are 'hungry' more. I've always maintained healthy eating habit. Trying to get fam on board thought would be hard. My last trip bought Sanissimo Salas instead of their usual favourites. Weren't to happy at first, now they love them. It...
Triscuit Crackers

251 reviews

Quite honestly this has got to be the greatest cracker Product. I am quite an avid cracker eater and with that comes a lot of crackers eaten. I regretfully inform everyone that I didn’t intend to review this cracker but mostly felt obligated to. It is just the perfect cracker...
Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Crackers Cheddar

153 reviews

we always have this product at home! we have tried the different flavors and my kids favorites are cheddar, white cheddar and brownie they have lots more varieties available.. I loved them because they are so tasty and not too salty!
Christie Premium Plus Crackers

146 reviews

These are some fucking good saltine crackers. Would recommend to anyone. To be honest, I would give them a ten out of five stars if I could. These alongside cheese are nice. If you are sick with the flu, these and some ginger ale make for a good meal. Overall, 100/5
Kellogg's Special K Cracker Chips

107 reviews

I love the sour cream and onion flavour. The only downside is when you chew them they turn a little mushy and I feel like they leave a film on my tongue. But they are healthier than chips!
Crispers Baked Snacks

99 reviews

I really like the flavor of these crackers. They taste amazing and are deliciously crunchy. I take these as a convenient on-the-go snack for the kids. The size is great so it is not a choking hazard for them.
Goldfish Baked Whole Grain Cheddar

42 reviews

There is definitely something addictive about these Goldfish crackers! I remember for eating them when I was a kid oh, and I still enjoy them as a pick-me-up snack during classes today. One bag has quite a lot of Goldfish crackers and they do taste like cheddar cheese!
Sanissimo Salmas Chia and Flax Oven Baked Crackers

23 reviews

First of all, I love that the box I bought had 7 individual packs, not sure if that is how they are normally packaged/sole, but I bought them for this reason to pack in our lunches. They taste great, I was hoping they would not taste like cardboard because of the natural...
Sanissimo Salmitas

21 reviews

I like these crackers, they taste good and are great with bruschetta or other flavorful summer combinations. I would purchase these again. I sometimes send these for lunch with kids.
Ritz Crackers Original

38 reviews

My favourite cracker. Always have it at parties and recently I am favouring the less salt version! These crackers are never disappointing and are perfect with cheese or peanut butter.
Christie Toppables Crackers

37 reviews

These crackers are just amazing for anything and then you can get them in a dip ,you can squish them and put them in a soup .my kids love peanut butter on they love to make little peanut butter and jam sandwiches. you can slice up some tomato and cucumber whatever they are the...
Ritz Cheese Bites

43 reviews

I like them, my husband likes them, even my cat likes them. Might be a kid food, but I eat them by the wholesale size box. I always have some stashed in my purse for when I need a pick me up.
Town House Flip Sides

4 reviews

I LOVE these pretzel crackers! They taste like a combination of ritz crackers and pretzels. They are crunchy with just the right amount of salt. They go great with cheese!
Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Baked Snack Crackers Pretzel

22 reviews

I buy it all the time for the kids school snack and even my babys love it. They like to eat it everyday. I also get it in different flavors and sometimes the chocolate and vanilla kind
Triscuit Tzatziki crackers

2 reviews

I have been eating Triscuits for YEARS, bouncing back different flavours because they're all so damn good. But this new one just struck a heartstring. I LOVE the flavour of tzatziki and this one really has that burst of flavour! Love love love.
Keeler townhouse pretzel flipsides

1 review

At first I thought these were just pretzels cracker but upon further inspection they are half buttery cracker like Ritz and half pretzel! I must say they get quite addictive, perfect paired with laughing cow cheese, kolbassa, dips or just on its own!
Goldfish colors

9 reviews

My kids love this! They want them all the time in their lunch kits! The only thing I don't like is if they go missing and get squished they are Uber crumbly lol! Otherwise great product!
Christie’s Good Thins

1 review

It’s tastes great and is nice and crispy. I love having them with hummus. They are great with soup as well and don’t get soggy. They are also gluten free and you can actually pronounce all the ingredients.
snack a jacks cheeky chocolate rice cakes

1 review

I tried Snack a Jacks Cheeky Chocolate coasters, I mean rice cakes expecting to taste cardboard. These are chocolatey with the odd chocolate chip mingling in with the rice. They are cheeky and they are very good. Two is quite a filling snack as well, so perfect for those syn...
Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Flavour Blasted Slammin' Sour Cream & Onion Baked Snack Crackers

1 review

Goldfish any kind is great with our family we absolutely love them, their either sweet or salty .These sour cream ones are amazing and taste so crispy and sourcreamy ,family loves these .There great for all ages and very convenient snack,There are great heated in the microwave...