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Crackers Reviews

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Sanissimo Salmas

262 reviews

Since this quarantine situation, my family are 'hungry' more. I've always maintained healthy eating habit. Trying to get fam on board thought would be hard. My last trip bought Sanissimo Salas instead of their usual favourites. Weren't to happy at first, now they love them. It...
Triscuit Crackers

253 reviews

Bad commercial with gordon Ramsay saying forking good lol. Your attempt to be cute. We are tired of this low class attitude. I’m no saint but in public I conduct myself in a dignified manner. The children and adults that don’t want to be in that environment should not have...
Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Crackers Cheddar

158 reviews

These are really good but also not healthy at all. I wish to rate them higher but again, not healthy. They do taste like cheddar though which is nice and they also have a nice crunch to them!
Christie Premium Plus Crackers

152 reviews

Wow… very deceitful …don’t usually do this but bought Christie Premium Plus crackers 900 grams 8 sleeves…$10…. Open it up and they have shrunk the crackers and the sleeves and left 3 inches of empty space in their packaging ..to fool us until we open the package…next...
Kellogg's Special K Cracker Chips

107 reviews

I love the sour cream and onion flavour. The only downside is when you chew them they turn a little mushy and I feel like they leave a film on my tongue. But they are healthier than chips!
Goldfish Baked Whole Grain Cheddar

46 reviews

As an adult I never thought I’d love these fish crackers! While pregnant they were my go to snack when feeling nauseous, my son now a toddler loves them as well as my husband as a on the go small snack. I love that they have whole grain flour, added minerals and no msg or...
Mister Potato Hot & Spicy Potato Chips

3 reviews

This potato shaped crisps had a pale beige color with barely any seasoning visible, except for a very sparse coating of tiny green specks. I’m crunched in to find a mild sour cream and onion taste, not very oniony, but still tasty and a nice flavor that mixed well with the...
Christie Vegetable Thins

51 reviews

What happened to the lovely flavor? The quality is gone. They are pale looking and taste like paste. I can't imagine how bad the less salt would taste. Your company has always known for your products. Why change?? Lost me as a customer.
PC Gruyère Cheese Swiss Sticks

1 review

Opened these to share at a get-together and what a disappointment. They look nothing like the photo on the box, and the taste was quite bland. See for yourselves...
Hu Kitchen Grain-Free Sea Salt Crackers

1 review

These are the best grain-free cracker I’ve ever tasted. Simple ingredients and clean taste. I like the sea salt because it’s more of a neutral flavour that can be a paired with anything. These are delicious on their own and even better for dipping in hummus. I love the...
Ginbis Japanese Matcha Animal Biscuits

1 review

How lovely Japanese animal crackers which are my nostalgic snack. Each cute animal shape cracker has the name of the animal it depicts in English. The biscuits themselves are rather savory. Because they are so thin, they are pleasantly crispy and make a great companion for tea...
Late July Organic Cheddar Cheese Minis Crackers

1 review

My hubby really liked it, he purchase them frequently. Mini size is perfect and cute as snacks, also excellent with a cup of coffee. It’s real cheese. The filling is very cheesy, slightly aged and very rich. The crackers melt in your mouth. The biscuit itself is crushy & a...
Late July Peanut Butter Organic Minis Bite Size Sandwich Crackers

1 review

Late July's peanut butter sandwich crackers, made with real organic peanut butter. Hubby love this mini crackers sandwiched with creamy peanut butter which is light but flavorful. Taste so nutty and salty knowing it is a healthier option and organic! Very crunch and small bite...
From The Ground UP Cheddar Cauliflower Crackers

2 reviews

Love these crackers I have bought them a few times they are definitely a go to for me. I would definitely recommend these. The one thing I didn't like is they are a little small for my liking.
Mary's Gone Super Seed Rosemary Crackers

1 review

Mary's Gone Super Seed Rosemary Crackers are one of the best gluten free crackers that I have tasted. They are very healthy as well. All the clean, whole food ingredients which means less processed. They have a great crunch and nutty taste. Once you start you can’t stop! Good...
Sanissimo Salmas Chia and Flax Oven Baked Crackers

23 reviews

First of all, I love that the box I bought had 7 individual packs, not sure if that is how they are normally packaged/sole, but I bought them for this reason to pack in our lunches. They taste great, I was hoping they would not taste like cardboard because of the natural...
Cheese it snap’d cheddar sour cream & Onion

1 review

I just tried the Cheese It Snap’d Cheddar Sour Cream and Onion and I’m now hooked. They are crunchy and full of flavor. You can definitely taste the sour cream but it is not overwhelming. These are the perfect snack. They are affordable and come in a mini size chip bag with...
great value salted tops

1 review

Many brands make salted top crackers, but Great Value makes the absolutely best ones! They have a delicious texture and the perfect amount of salt. I love them more than any other brands I have tried, and they are much cheaper too.
Simple Mills Almond Flour Crackers

1 review

I recently went gluten free and was on the hunt for an great cracker. These did not disappoint. Though small in size the are delicious and it takes all my restraint from eating the whole box. They are salty like saltine crackers. I enjoy them so much.
Goldfish colors

17 reviews

I really like it, I been trying it since it came out. I really love the looks of the packaging. I don’t really like the colour but I still love it!!!!!