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Tea Reviews

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Lipton Mint Green Tea

97 reviews

I have bought this tea over and over again, my boyfriend and I love it so much! I wish they sold it in a bigger box! I use to mix a bag of peppermint tea and green tea together until I found this tea. I like to drink it hot before bed or iced during the day. If you make a big...
teapigs peppermint leaves tea

88 reviews

So I'm not familiar with this brand of tea so I had to try it out; the taste is nice and subtle, it's good with or without a sweetener but I prefer it with honey. It leaves a bit of a tarte after taste on its own but it's not awful. I would probably buy this tea again! Thanks to...
Salada Orange Pekoe Tea Bags

113 reviews

My mom used to drink this tea and I as an adult now do the same the taste and quality is supreme no other brand can match them I flavour and taste u should try using it for ice tea it's the best
Lipton Yellow Label Tea Bags

122 reviews

Excellent product been using this for over 15 years plus and i like experimenting new teas but this has been my go to and I loved their taste until I decided to give red rose orange pekoe a try and im impressed by the 2 and I rate them to be almost the same for me.
Lipton Green Tea Lemon Ginseng Tea Bags

109 reviews

This tea is so smooth and good I love the taste of the honey and Ginger And Lemone I can sit and drink this all day every morning Tea is so good for the bones when it is cool out
Pure Leaf Gunpowder Green Tea Loose Long Leaf

103 reviews

Ok I’m a massive green tea lover. I drink like 6 cups a day! This brand of tea has a very odd bitter flavour, even if I add some sweetener it is still disgusting. I don’t recomend it.
Pure Leaf Pure Matcha tea sachets

101 reviews

I'm a huge fan of matcha tea and lattes, especially iced matcha lattes. This is the best powdered matcha that I have bought that was avaliable in grocery stores around me. It has individual packets that are very convenient and the taste is not as bitter as other brands I've...
Pure Leaf Chai Tea, pyramid bags

109 reviews

While this is a great black tea, the mild flavours masala of what I would consider to be more prominent of this type of tea lacks. I did not boil it on the stovetop which may be why it wasn't so great. However, I almost always kettle boil all my teas as it is much more...
Lipton Lemon Ginseng Green Tea K-Cup Packs

105 reviews

If you fell bloated, this will be a great friend to have! The ginseng is a great partner for bloating and to help digestion. It fits with keurig dak up machine! Great way to have a good tea fast
Lipton Mandarin Orange Green Tea

90 reviews

I found this tea a while ago and was surprised with how great it tastes, it doesn’t need any sugar or sweetener, it tastes great on its own. Not overwhelmingly sweet with a great orange flavour. I’ve tried it iced as well and it’s awesome warm or iced.
Lipton Lemon Ginger Herbal Tea

88 reviews

I bought this tea for my husband who was having a bit of a sore throat and coming down with a cold. He loved it. He has not stopped drinking it even after all the signs and symptoms of a cold has gone. Yes, this tea will be part of my beverage supply
Salada Green Tea Bags

104 reviews

A refreshing and great quality tea I have drank salad teas for quite some time and I will be definitely be drinking in future this is a light smooth tasting tea must try
Lipton Green Tea Matcha Ginger

102 reviews

I love this tea. Matcha and ginger both have a lot of health benefits, it's nice to see them together. Great taste, good value. Not to mention metabolism booster!
Lipton Enlighten Smooth Green Tea K-Cup Packs

101 reviews

This is a quicker more efficient way of making tea that is new to me. It brews in under a minute with the Keurig Maker, and is ready to go. I am a bit of a tea snob since discovering David’s Teas, thus the flavour and dry aftertaste of this Green Tea isn’t as flavourful as...
Red Rose Organic Orange Pekoe Tea

68 reviews

Not sure why this tea specifically but red rose orange pekoe always makes my day a little brighten when I am feeling under the weather or on cold winter days
Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime Tea

110 reviews

Love the smell, the association of relaxation with the picture on the box, the taste of the tea, and the anticipation of a good nights sleep. Good for people of all ages as part of a good sleep hygiene routine.
Lipton Green Tea Mandarin Orange Pyramid Tea Bags

92 reviews

Je suis une grande buveuse de thé et j'aime particulièrement ce mélange de thé vert et orange. Le gout des deux ensemble est simplement divin. A racheter en grande quantitée
Snapple Lemon Tea

75 reviews

The lemon iced tea is so refreshing on a hot summer day, I don’t find it too sweet or sugary, the lemon flavour is my favourite, the right blend of lemon and black tea
Lipton Camomile Herbal Tea

73 reviews

This tea is delicious. The quality of the tea is excellent. You can actually taste the chamomile, unlike some other brands were the flavour is very weak. It is very relaxing and I have it at bedtime. The aroma is very fragrant and the whole experience of having the tea is...
Pure Leaf Green Tea with Mint

58 reviews

I received this product for free for review purposes as part of the Product review Club. Thank ChickAdvisor! I drink a lot of tea, but tend to stick to the same few varieties, so it was nice to try something outside of my comfort zone. This blend of green and mint tea was easy...