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Tea Reviews

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David's Tea Stanta's Secret

39 reviews

My favourite holiday tea from davids tea! It had a great smell and even better flavour! It has the perfect mix of candy cane and black tea! There a few other hidden tastes but those are the strongest and they make it delicious! This tea pairs very well with some yummy cookies or...
McDonald's Vanilla Chai Tea Frappe

64 reviews

This drink is my favorite summer drink tops any cold beverage while I'm out on the go. The mix of chai and vanilla is delicious can't wait for my mcdonalds to start serving them again.
Pure Leaf Green Tea and Honey Iced Tea

26 reviews

This is the only sweet tea/iced tea i can drink. its not too sweet but it doesn't taste bland either. i buy it every time i'm out and see it! highly recommend
David's Tea Birthday Cake

43 reviews

Wow.....super yummy and such a treat. It's the most scrumptious smelling tea, a rich vanilla cake with sprinkles. Another favorite! It's also non caffeine which is Awsummmmm before bed! This always is one I buy as a treat. I don't have it often because I have to be in the mood...
Tim Hortons Steeped Tea

62 reviews

I bought Timmie's tea vags one day when I went to Walmart. I was going to buy title tea hut had a coupon for th Rd Timmy's tea. I can tell you this. I will keep buying Timmy's
Tetley Boost Peach Ginger & Dandelion with Vitamin B6

10 reviews

I bought this tea as I am trying to be healthier and loose weight. So far I have loved it. The taste is great I always like a tea that has a fruiter taste rather than a plain old early grey feel. I have tried the product hot and have also tried it in a cold tea and both are...
Tetley Super Herbal Tea Sunshine

3 reviews

I tried a sample of this tea which is lemon and orange flavoured with vitamin D. Also is caffeine free. Its refreshing and light. It comes in other flavors as well.
Nescafé 3 pack

19 reviews

I was pleased to try the Nescafe 3 pack of instant coffee. There are 3 flavors and I love all of them. Mocha and Caramel when I am craving something sweet. The Original is good for everyday use. I do wonder why Nescafe doesn't offer a pumpkin spice flavor for Nescafe instant...
Tetley cozy cinnamon camomile

4 reviews

I don't usually enjoy herbal tea, but as soon as I tried this one I was hooked. It is so yummy and flavorful. The cinnamon and chamomile is not only refreshing but I found it very soothing on a cold day. I would buy this again in an instant. Definitely a new favourite!
Tan Ngan Lo Herbal Tea

3 reviews

You can see their kiosk at most major shopping malls here in Malaysia. Their herbal tea is inexpensive. It is soothing and refreshes your throat if you are having cough/sore throat like sympthom.
DAVIDs Tea - Pink Lemonade

35 reviews

Les thés david’s thea sont délicieux! Il y en a de tout les goûts! Sucré, fort, amère et même sur! Celui à la limonade rose est mon préféré! Vous pouvez le boire chaud mais je préfère personnellement le boire froid. Il a un goût fruité et surette en même temps...
Timmies Steeped tea

1 review

love how it tastes and order it a lot in the mornings before going to work or school. I go to timmies a lot for that because I don't drink coffee a lot so I drink tea most of the time.
Genuine Tea Company Elderberry hibiscus

1 review

The tea smells like grape and tastes amazing with a bit of Maple syrup. It's herbal so it can be enjoyed at any time. I always feel guilty about buying tea sachets but am too lazy to deal with lose leaf- this product is great because it uses biodegradable plant-based tea bags!
Stash Black Tea Double Spiced Chai

1 review

Another great product from Stash made with quality ingredients. These tea bags are rich in flavour and aroma, one sip from a cup of this gem and you will be able to take on the world as the chai, cardamom and cinnamon soothes you. This cup of spices is pure joy.
Tetley Decaffeinated Orange Pekoe

19 reviews

Great tasting tea with no aftertaste. I enjoy a cup of tea in the evening but can’t do the caffeinated hot drinks so tried the Tetley decaffinated tea. It’s quick, easy and a great evening hot drink.
Biofix Chamomile Herbal Tea

1 review

I am a mint tea lover, and I am on a budget. I used to drink more well known - yet still budget friendly teas, until I happened across this one. Where I used to need two bags to fulfill my desired flavour level and still it would be lacking, now I am using one bag and it does...
Taylors of Harrogate Yorkshire Gold Leaf Tea

1 review

This is really good basic black tea! if you want unflavoured tea then you may enjoy this one because there is nothing but black tea leaves in it. delicious with milk and sugar, however you will need a decent infuser because the pieces are on the smaller side
Yorkshire Tea Jam & Toast

1 review

I wasnt sure whether i would like this but when i finally got my hands on a box i was surprised with how it tasted. If you are like myself and enjoy having a slice of jam and toast along with a cuppa tea... then this is perfect for you! The taste isnt over powering unlike some...
Tetley Super Herbal Sunshine – Lemon & Orange with Vitamin D

2 reviews

My husband and I are both enjoying this tea. It tastes like citrus and I like the idea that it contains vitamin D. It tastes like a warm treat and because it doesn't contain caffeine I can drink it any time of day.
Tapal Black Tea

1 review

We were a staunch #Tetley orange pekoe family until my mom discovered this loose leaf tea at the Indian store - it’s our fav and go-to now!!! The only one I like now - You do have to make it in a pot and strain but so worth it - we bring water to a boil (sometimes with spices...