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Sarku Of Japan Reviews - Chattanooga
    Address: 2100 Hamilton Place Blvd # 310
    Chattanooga, Tennessee 37421
    Phone: 4234990013

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    April 06, 2010

    I went to the Sarku Japan on April 03, 2010. I inteneded to go to an Japanese rest. that was closer to my home but chose this one becasue i just had to have the teriyaki chicken. I went to the bank on my way and made a withdrawal ( all twenties). I placed $40 dollar in my pocket and the rest in my car. THe line was enormous, but i had to have the chicken. The line was so long I gave my daughters a twenty and let then go to on to another store for their food. Keep in mind that leaves me with a single twenty in my pocket. As it was my turn to order the cashier "Maggie" was doing several things at once I didnt even relize she was talking to me. Non the less I placed my order and reached into my front pocket to pay her I pulled out the only bill I had in my pocket and handed it to her. I recall the bill as I gave it to her was backside up. She gave me my change on top of the napkin that I was suppose to use on my mouth after it was contaminated with the three one dollar bills and three cents, as my change. By the time I relized she did not give me a ten she was already on to the next customer. I politely told her that I had given her a twenty. She paused and took a breath and look into the drawer. She grabbed the last ten that was placed in the drawer and stated "No you gave me this." I said no I gave you a twenty and it wass folded in half and straight. She reached into the twenties and the first twenty was a straight folded in the middle bill that is mine the ten came from the lady that was behind me. She took my receipt and gave it to someone in the Kithen. As I was waiting I mentioned to the lady behind me " what is taking them so long? Why dont thye just count the drawer. I just left the bank I know i gave her a twenty. She let me know that they were probably looking at the video tape. Ahaa that would explain it. Maggie notice it was taking a very long time so she went to the kithen. She returned with Eddie Chen, not the manager but an acting manager. He stated it looks like a ten. Looks like a ten I said all I had was a twenty. To try to shorten the story the mall security was called. Eddie would only let security view the tape. Security state that his suppervisior told him they were not to get involved. The Security stated I must call the local police they had no hand in the matter. I called the police. They took forever to come. In the meantaime , the security told me I must leave from the store. I told him I have not gotten my food nor has the issue of my ten been resolved. I told Eddie to just give me my monies back I did not want to eat here after all this. It took another 20 plus minutes before he gave Maggie my receipt so she could give me my refund. At this time the security manager came and stated she was going to go back and look at the tape. In the meantime the police came. Officer T. Clay talked to me saying that the security manager says it looks like a ten.
    He told me this is a civil matter and I have little to no recourse, this was a he said she said case. I asked why dont the just count the drawer and see that it is over at least my 10 dollars. He stated he could not ask that of them. The security manager that viewed the tape came out while I was talking with Officer Clay. I asked her what did she see. She stated, "It looked like a ten." Looks like? Was it right side up or downside up. She stated "right side up." If it was right side up there should be no question of looking like a ten it would be a ten. I also asked her did she reivew the transaction before and after mine she says yes and she doesnt recall if they were visible either. Feeling robbed. I had no other recouse but to let them have my ten dollars and walk away hungry and out of ten dollars.I left my number and name with Sarku. It is now four days later adn I have not heard anything from them. I called the "Manager" Zack 678-654-6939. He stated he needed one more day to have some informationn for me.
    I dont now about you but it does not take four days to count down a drawer nor to review a video.
    I just can t believe a store a can get away with this. How many other people knowing and unknowing have be robbed from this chain. I am educated but that should not make much difference but if it was my store I would have counted the drawer, if not then at least that night and reported whether or not the drawer was short or over.
    I am feed up with this place and I strongly urge you not to give this company the satisfaction of giving them your partonage. Forgive me for the extra long review. I get wanted to get all the facts out there and let you the consumers know what you are funding by continuing to go to this restaurant.

    Updated On: April 09, 2010

    I have finally talked with Zack he told me he was going give my number to Robert Coon in Risk Magt.
    I talked with Robert and he seems like a good enough of a fellow. He want my email address so he could send me video of the transaction. I receve one of two videos. The one I received was of just the cash register. He told me the times would off for each video due to the store not updating for spring forward. As I looked at the transactions I notice this not during my time I was there. The time is off from my receipt.
    But tells me they have the trans on camera but you see me or a hint of me, the times are off and they cant matched up. As I stated before I went to ATM before going and I only had twenties. He tells me he will give me some coupons. I dont want any coupons I just want my ten dollars. He said he was going go send me another video but It doesnt still convince me that I got a twenty from the bank ATM.
    I will keep talking to them maybe they will realize I am telling the truth.

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