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School Bakery and Cafe Reviews - Toronto

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Ranked #15 out of 16 in Bakeries (Toronto, Ontario)

    Address: 70 Fraser Avenue
    Toronto, Ontario M6K 3E1
    Phone: 416.588.0005

    Average Price:  $30.00

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    Quality of Service

    Recommended? You Betcha!
    July 20, 2009

    I was very impressed with our first visit but somewhat disappointed by the second. Our first visit was about a month ago for a private event where guests were served beef, salmon burgers and other delicious nibblies. The food and service were fantastic and we were excited to come back and try their much heralded brunch.

    We came back for their Sunday brunch yesterday. We had high expectations as we were familiar with famed chef Brad Moore (formerly of now defunct Xacutti) whose food is usually amazing and creative. There was a line up when we arrived (another good sign!), but the hostess informed us it was only a 15-20 minute wait...

    Just over 1 hour later we were seated on the patio.

    We ordered lattes, the Nirvana French Toast and the Over Stuffed Croissant with smoked salmon and spicy scrambled eggs. The service was extremely, painfully slow. It took just under an hour to get our food.

    At the 45 minute mark, with nothing but two glasses of water and empty coffees, I asked the server when she anticipated the food would arrive. She brusquely told us that she had no idea and that her entire section had been seated at once so she was slammed.

    Having been a server myself years ago, I certainly felt for her but the customer should not be made to feel badly because of staffing or seating issues. At our request to tide us over she kindly brought a maple scone, which was delicious.

    When the food arrived it was... ok. The french toast should have been spectacular: Strawberries, pistachios and drizzled chocolate over fresh french toast. It was not very warm and surprisingly dry. The strawberries weren't fresh even though they are at the height of being in season and the chocolate tasted a bit watery. The salmon croissant omelette was similarly uninspiring and bland.

    I suspect they were under staffed both in wait staff and in the kitchen, which may have been responsible for all of the above. It is a beautiful restaurant, very well decorated and thought out. The patio is intimate and comfortable. We will give it another chance and see how it goes...

    Updated On: January 24, 2011

    Aaaand I've been back since. A few times! It has been much better. Their crispy french toast is something I dream about now. It's basically brioche dipped in batter, Rice Krispies and then fresh squeezed orange. It's so good if you order it everyone at the table will keep asking for a bite. Tell them to order their own!

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    Quality of Service

    Recommended? You Betcha!
    June 28, 2009

    Just last week we were invited to attend a reception for some friends of ours at School, in Liberty Village. We absolutely loved the location, ambiance, and spacious outdoor patio. The staff was curtious and the atmosphere really fun - we look forward to heading back there when we have more time.

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