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    Quality of Service

    Recommended? Fugheddaboutit!
    July 18, 2014

    If you have a lot of money to waste and would like to be treated with " I am too good for you " attitude. This is the place to go. So many better places to enjoy your evening enjoy better food. Don't degrade yourself by going there. Neg. stars. Owner was very rude and very arrogant about the tasting menu that was misinformed by his staff. So arrogant that he was too busy to make $700 off me and cancelled my reservation.

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    Quality of Service

    Recommended? You Betcha!
    October 28, 2007

    I don't usually spend over $100 on a meal but made a special exception this time, and was very glad I did.

    Trevor Kitchen and Bar has an intimate and warm atmosphere. Food was fabulous -- a true 5-senses experience. Everything looked, smelled, and tasted devine. Texture was amazing -- I never knew perfectly al dente spaghetti until Trevor. The food deserved all the ooos and aaahs it got.

    The menu design is genius! Even though the menu is small, there's something for every palette -- from "french fries" aka Trevor's "sea salted frites & peppercorn mayo," to popular high-end staples such as Trevor's "pan seared foie gras with pork belly & spiced apple," to unique dishes such as chef-recommended "roast suckling pig with white truffle & grain mustard jus." I had the organic greens salad, lobster and prawn spaghettini in cognac & chive sauce, vanilla creme beignets with chili spiked hot chocolate, a starter sweet wine, a martini, and the best chai tea I have ever experienced.

    Complements to Chef Jesse Vallins!

    A note: I prefer my waiters/servers down to earth and genuinely friendly. Service at Trevor's was a bit on the snooty side -- which I assume is expected from a restaurant of this class. Do your homework, know your wines, dress appropriately, and study the menu a bit before you go to get the full experience. But all in all, service was very friendly and helpful.

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    Quality of Service

    Recommended? You Betcha!
    October 02, 2007

    I love small restaurants, especially ones that deftly capture the fine balance of hip & modern with comfort & intimacy. Trevor Kitchen and Bar is such a place to the bone. From interior design, to sound, service, and food, everything is carefully edited to the point of being "just right" - nothing superfluous, and nothing less than inspiring. The dining room is modern but warm. Sounds and music from the bar spill into this area, enhancing an otherwise more formal room with a lively and easy going vibe. The waiter was professional, swift, and does a fine job with wine suggestions.

    It's very easy to fall in love with the cuisine at Trevor too. The menu is a play on traditional European comfort foods, without turning every dish into overly premeditated deconstructivism or molecular science. Here, flavours come from slow braising, roasting, and other traditional techniques, while still surprising the palette by the use of quirky ingredients (i.e. beef cheeks), exceptional combination of flavours & textures, and simply skillful execution of every plate. I had foie gras with pork belly and spiced apple to start, followed by grill pressed hen with spatzle in riesling sauce, and finished with vanilla beignets with chili spiked hot chocolate. Everything was very delicious, portions were generous, and I definitely recommend all of the above picks.

    The one thing that really blew me away, though, was the amuse - roasted pumpkin soup with truffle oil served in a little espresso cup for leisurely sipping at the beginning of the meal. The soup was mild, silky, and frothy, like a warm cashmere blanket on the tongue. In the center was the surprise treasure of one perfectly toasted pumpkin seed, whose earthy and nutty flavour exploded with such intensity and conviction. This was a perfect ode to autumn and a clear indication of the talent of Jesse Valins - new chef du cuisine at Trevor. The meal was around $100 for 3 glasses of wine, 1 appetizer, 1 main, 1 shared dessert, an espresso, tax and tip. You get great value for the money. So, if you're looking for an intimate, sophisticated and very delicious dinner without the suffocating formality or pretentiousness of some restos, Trevor is the place to go. I'm looking forward to trying their lounge menu as well, which includes such fun offerings as mini Kobe beef burgers and surf & turf tacos. Dinner reservations recommended.

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