L'Oreal Paris Revitalift Bright Reveal SPF 30 Moisturizer

L'Oreal Paris Revitalift Bright Reveal SPF 30 Moisturizer Reviews

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Recommended? Fugheddaboutit!
October 01, 2016

I really wanted to love this moisturizer but it broke me out pretty bad. I did love the level of hydration and how my makeup looked over it. I also liked the level of sun protection. I did contribute I bit to the overall brightening of my skin, but the other products in this line are a little stronger. I experienced no other irritation. If you don't break out easily you'll probably like this day lotion.




Recommended? You Betcha!
September 27, 2016

This moisturizer is the perfect compliment to the other RevitaLift Products – being that Glycolic Acid is one of the main ingredients – care must be taken to protect my more sensitive skin from burning or being too over exposed to the elements.

The SPF30 is the perfect anti UVA sun beam strength to both protect, but still allow me to get enough natural colour that I do not look like a white ghost while emerging from the dark indoors!

This moisturizing cream is a medium thickness, and one pump from the handy pump bottle is plenty to provide full face and neck coverage. I rub it in with a circular motion after my normal face cleaning routine, and within a minute, my face is ready to apply my normal foundation and other make up onto. It does not leave my skin feeling sticky or dry, but rather soft and refreshed.

The natural redness in my cheeks has slightly diminished, and I have been carded twice in the last week as I look 25 years and under! Not bad for a gal in her late 30s!

My face has not reacted negatively at all to the cream whether on its own or once my regular make up is applied (it can happen – my face has burned from other products with Glycolic acid in them in the past…).

My fine eye and laugh lines look less noticeable, and my ever depending forehead wrinkles have also diminished in appearance. They are still there, but it is kind of like time has taken them back a notch or two. I am blaming the retinol within the cream.

So overall, I am happy with the overall results of all the Revitalift facial products, and would recommend them to anyone over 20 years old!

*** I received this product at a reduced or no cost for my fair and fabulous review ***

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