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Address: 55 Bloor Street West
51st Floor
Toronto, Ontario
Phone: 416.967.0000

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Recommended? Fugheddaboutit!
August 19, 2009

I have given Panorama multiple opportunities to impress but they have failed each time. I have tried everything from planning an event (prices are outrageous), to coming here for a bday party, to drinks and dinners with the husband. Each time we encounter the same issues: bad attitude, bad food, bad wine.

Last night we came for our final visit/last shot at redemption. It was a beautiful hot summer night and we wanted to soak up the view and get a bite to eat after an event. The hostess rudely told us we couldn't sit by the railing because it was a table for 4 - despite multiple tables open and being only moderately busy. A couple was then seated in the spot we had asked for.

I then ordered a glass of wine, which was corked and a glass of water with lipstick on it. I ordered another glass of wine, which though not turned, was not good at all. It was $10 for what tasted like the poorest of table wines. I didn't complain because considering how long it was taking to get our drinks and the nearly an hour it took to get our food, realized I'd be stuck there all night if I did.

The food was terrible. The worst pizza I've ever had. It tasted like there was dry crumbly out of the can Parmesan topped with processed cheese on a piece of grocery store pita, heated in the microwave.

The cold spring rolls were decent and the server, though very slow was friendly.

For two aps, two beers and a glass of wine, our tab was $68.

If you are looking for a nice view over a drink without food, you might still enjoy this, but I recommend a mixed cocktail over a wine since that's harder to spoil.

Highly overrated and it's a shame they have allowed what should be a great restaurant to end up like this.

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