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Bonne Bell

Bonne Bell is a cosmetic company that sells skin care and makeup for young women. Founded in 1927 in Ohio, the company has since moved to Australia and has reduced its North American presence. The brand is known for the Lip Smackers line of flavoured lip balm. Other popular products on ChickAdvisor include the Lip Lites Gloss and the VitaGloss.

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Bonne Bell Reviews

Bonne Bell Lip Smackers
So many flavours. so little time! These are so cute! I love the fact that lip balm can be any flavour and be so nice! I have several of these in my desk and in my purse. I would recommend to all!

bonne bell dr pepper lip balm
Remember this lip balm? It has never gone out of style. It evokes memories of past experiences with the classic DR. Pepper flavour. This lip balm is always in rotation in my beauty bag.

Bonne Bell Lip Lix Lip Balm
My neutral to negative outlook on this was probably more due to my colour choice than the actual quality of the product. For someone who does not like the taste of traditional lip products while still wanting the colour, this was an okay option. It was not particularly long...

Bonne Bell Disney Lip Smackers
Smells ok but it doesn't really have Color and a its more greasy feeling then anything their other flavours are amazing though. Nice Flavour though only good thing about them

bonne bell lipblush
Found this at my local dollarstore and fell in love with it, the small size made it perfect for pockets and they came in all different colors. Light pink was cute and not too light, moisture was teh same as the chapsticks for children, impressed

Bonne Bell EyeDefine Glow
(White eye liner) Great for many looks, I use it in my inner lower lash line for a more animated big eyed look. Doesn't last as long as I would like it to but I use a light layer of white eye shadow on top of it to seal and dry it in place.

Bonne bell eyedefine
This is not my regular brand of eyeliner but I bought it because the price was right. It was what I expected out of a cheaper liner, it didn't go on that smooth but the color was great and it had staying power. So overall I would buy it again.

Bonne Bell Sweet Sugared Powder for Face and Body
I found this powder at a dollar store so long ago and ever since have never been able to find it! I love it so much! You can use it pretty much anywhere to give some shimmer. My favourite places to use it are on my eye lids as a base eyeshadow or to dust on my collar bones if...

Bonne Bell Lip Lites Gloss
I used to love this lip lites gloss when i was first starting out wearing makeup. The colours are so pretty, the smell great and apply beautifully. All for a great price.

Bonne bell eyeplayset
I don't use bonne bell products much anymore, except these. This brand was one of the only ones I used as a pre-teen, as I was only able to wear lip balm/gloss. I always loved the flavors too. I also love the fact that this brand does not test on animals. This palette consists...

Bonne Bell Eyeliner
This is my FAVE eyeliner and pretty much the only one I can use. I've pretty much used this eye liner since I was a teenager and the only one that does not irritate my eyes. I have noticed with different brands that my eyes feel watery and itchy and get blurry within 5 minutes...

Bonne Bell Eye Definer Eyeliner
This is an easy to use eyeliner pencil that works well. The black goes on dark and defines your eye well. Lasts throughout the day, although it is not waterproof and can smudge in the heat.

bonne bell nail polish strips
I wanted to try these Bonne Bell nail polish strips , they were in the clearance section. I followed the instructions and they were hard to get off the plastic and hard to apply. They ripped, split in pieces, made my nail beds brittle as it peeled them. When I tried cutting them...

Bonne Bell skittles lip balm
For such a cheap product, these things work great! They come in a variety of flavours (not just skittles!) and moisturize really well. Love them.

Bonne Bell Lip Gloss (strawberry parfay)
Cute and fruity lipgloss! Perfect to have in your purse.