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BROOKSIDE Chocolate started as a family farm in Abbotsford, British Columbia and grew over the years into a company that mixes exotic flavors and ingredients with smooth dark chocolate to create extraordinary taste combinations worth talking about.

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Brookside_Choc  Brookside Chocolate

@heyylexilex Hi, Lex! Unfortunately, this product is not currently available at this time. We will certainly add your vote for its return!

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Brookside_Choc  Brookside Chocolate

@sno_write We appreciate the positive feedback, Samantha! Thanks for taking the time to share your comments!

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@aleena45814737 Hi Aleena! We're so sorry to say that we're unable to offer international shipping at this time.

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Brookside Reviews

Brookside Dark Chocolate Cranberry Almond with Blood Orange Flavour Chocolate Bar
I love Brookside chocolate but I was not a fan of this particular bar. The chocolate was crumbly to the point of mushy and didn't taste like other Brookside dark chocolate products. I also found the blood chocolate flavour overwhelming, so that the cranberry and almond was...

Brookside chardonnay grape & peach
Love this flavour! This chocolate covered fruit is so chewy and sweet. I can finish the bag in one sittng, I will stock up when on sale. I can't even explain how good it tastes but go out and buy it!

BROOKSIDE Dark Chocolate Almonds
These are so good! You can tell the difference between quality and non-quality almonds, and these ones are great. Each almond is yummy and you don't get any of those dark-colored-rotten-tasting ones. The dark chocolate is decadent and perfect for either melting in your mouth...

Brookside milk chocolate almonds
Brookside makes quality chocolate-covered everything snacks! The almonds are my absolute favourite and they are so addicting. I wish they werent so high in calories (from the chocolate) :( I could munch on these all day long.

Brookside Dark Chocolate Açai & Blueberry Flavours Reviews
i bout this thinking ok well i love chocolate and blueberrys so why not give it a go, they are so good. i love this product. i could eat it every day.

Brookside Chocolate Tablet Bar in Blueberry Almond with Açai Flavour
Ma soeur m'a offerte cette barre de chocolat et je l'ai dégustée avec une grande passion. Le mélange de chocolat noir avec les baies et les amandes est tout simplement excellent.

Brookside Chocolate Tablet Bar in Tart Cherry Crisp with Pomegranate Flavour
I’m a huge fan of quality chocolate, particularly dark chocolate which isn’t too sweet. It is difficult to impress me, but Brookside does it every time. Their chocolate is for those with a taste for luxury. If you’ve tried it, you know what I’m talking about. If you...

Brookside Dark Chocolate Açai & Blueberry Flavours
Brook side dark chocolate açai and blueberry chocolate balls are great for an afternoon snack to carry you over to dinner. Dark chocolate coating is very elegant tasting and the berries are healthy. I will definitely continue to purchase.

Brookside Dark Chocolate Fruit & Nut Bars - Cranberry with Blackberry
This bar was way too sweet. It was more like a candy bar compared to a granola bar which is suppose to be nutritious. It did not keep me full and I was hungry immediately after despite the high caloric content of the bar.. This is due to the large amount of sugars and...

Brookside Chocolate Tablet Bar in Mango Coconut Crunch
I really love how this chocolate is creamy and not too strong like a lot of dark chocolates although I wouldn't mind. The mango and coconut pieces melt in your mouth theyre absolutely yummy.

Brookside Dark Chocolate Tablet Bars
These are four flavours: 1) Cranberry Almond with Blood Orange Flavour 2) Blueberry Almond with Acai Falvour 3) Mango Coconut Crips 4) Tart Cherry Crisp with Pomegranate Flavour. I like all four of these delicious bars, as the dark chocolate is rich and creamy but not bitter in...

Brookside Dark Chocolate Fruit & Nut Bars
These granola bars are pretty tasty and their nutritional value seems pretty good as well. The only thing is that for me, it doesn't really suit my taste. I find the flavours over powering and work against each other. For me, this is not the right product for me.

Brookside Crunchy Clusters Dark Chocolate & Berry Medley
This is a multi-grain cluster combined with a soft jelly fruit candy covered in a coat of dark chocolate. These clusters are great for those who like to savour the taste by letting it melt in your mouth, the chocolate is rich and smooth. The toasty grain and added tartness of...

Brookside Chocolate Tablet Bar in Cranberry Almond with Blood Orange Flavour
I cannot begin to explain how good this creation is!! There's a burst of flavour in every bite! I love how the dark chocolate creates a magnificent pairing to the orange and almonds.

Brookside Dark Chocolate Pomegranate
My 10yr old son LOVES these! Whenever we go to the store he is always asking for "pomegranates." They are a little pricey for my frugal self but are a delicious indulgence.