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Pampers was previously known for their reliable diapers since 1961 by Alfred Goldman. Recently, Pampers has included other baby products such as wipes, and disposable bibs to suit all your baby's needs. Chickadvisor's top reviews for Pampers include: Pampers Swaddlers and Pampers Baby Dry Diapers

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Pampers Reviews

Pampers Cruisers 360° Fit
I use these on my one year old son and they have made diaper changes so much easier. I love the tear away sides and disposing the diaper is super easy! I would recommend these to any parent who is looking for a super easy diaper that doesn't leak.

Pampers Baby dry nappy pants
This is the only diaper that’s suited my baby. He gets rashes with every other brand. They are extremely comfortable and soak well. This has made life so much easier.

Pampers premium protection
Used these on my two boys, they were fabulous. I particularly liked the indicator, so you know when they are wet. The protection is unrivalled. Kept them dry all night, no moisture on their delicate bottoms. They are quite thin, not bulky at all. Pampers is a great brand that...

Pampers fresh clean
Being a first time Mum, I always want the best for my 13 week old daughter as all parents do. I can highly recommend Pampers fresh clean baby wipes for the fact they are easy to get in to the packaging, resealable and they NEVER tear when you pull them out of the packet which I...

Pampers complete clean 216 counts
Pampers complete clean wipes are good quality wipes. I use them for cleaning some baby toys too. These are well moisturized. The only problem is, these wipes are stuck with one another. Can not be taken out just one at a time. Otherwise from cleaning side it is good. Price is...

Pampers® Pure Collection diaper
The best diaper from pampers range. Super-soft and super- pure. I feel so good when I change these diapers. Some very cute prints with premium cotton, plant-based and other thoughtfully selected materials. With the best dryness & leak protection. Thats the best part for me. Bit...

Pampers swaddlers diapers overnight
We have tried many types of overnight diapers with my different kids and these are hands down the best. We have NEVER experienced a leak with these diapers! I recommend them to everyone especially new parents. They are also very soft and gentle on my babys skin.

pampers babydry diapers
We originally bought pampers for our newborn and we’re very disappointed with them. No matter how often we changed diapers she always had terrible diaper rash. Switching brands cleared everything up.

Pampers complete clean wipes - baby fresh scent
I like its smell and very soft texture, I use it daily on my baby’s bum and on my own face as a makeup remover. I have a dry skin and it doesn’t irritate my skin at all

pampers active diapers
I would like to recommend this product to everyone who wants to keep their baby’s more dry and comfortable as they can. The only drawback is sometimes it leaves rashes on your baby skin

Pampers nappys
Pampers nappys

2 reviews

Would really recommend these diapers, they prevent leakage from babies and seem comfortable and move with baby, my little one has never had nappy rash and she has wore pampers since she was 3 months

Pampers diapers cruisers
I use pampers brand because that's the only brand that my daughter doesn't soak through during the night, also I've had issue with other brands when she would use the bathroom it would come out of the side of the diaper,with Pampers it has extra layers of protection and it works...

Pampers® Sensitive™ Wipes
My baby hasn't had any problem with pamper wipes so far. I like the fresh scent. Great diaper wipes. Is very soft and doesn't tear easily. They are very gentle and on the skin, not on just the diaper area but all over. Great for on the go clean ups. I recommend this product.

Pampers Easy Ups Pull On Disposable Training Diaper
We got these when my daughter was potty training and was transitioning from diapers to pull ups. These help her get use to not wearing diapers but they are also absorbent for overnight use.

Pampers Active Wet Wipes
Pampers active wet wipes is a good choice for all the new moms. It is super soft and easy to wipeout also. It is available in different fragrances and I love those fresh smells.