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Sally Hansen

It was in the late 1950s when Sally Hansen, together with her chemist husband, pioneered a nail protection formula called Hard As Nails. They are the number one brand in nail color, and also the number one in nail treatment and the number one in hair removal. Sally Hansen is an innovator in everything beauty; from hand, foot and body care to lip treatment and quality beauty tools.

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Sally Hansen Reviews

Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Xtreme Wear Nail Polish
Waste of money do not recommend this product for anyone!!!! I did this after work, so at home...did a few dishes, had a shower and watched tv lol ....waste of money!!!!

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Nail Color
This polish is the cheapest on the market; however, your nails will look great. I have it in shade 234 Pink Pursuit, which is on a sheer side. It is a pastel pink, and it requires a couple of coats to achieve full color coverage. Because of that, you will use it up quickly...

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Polish & Miracle Gel Top Coat
I have just started using this nail polish and I am amazed at how long it lasts along with the top coat. I always have a problem with nail polish chipping off right after doing dishes but this one lasts me weeks. I have bough so many colours and I wish they had more selection of...

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Nail Polish
If you look for long-lasting and budget-friendly option, this nail polish is for you. There are 90 shades to choose from, and it is generally easy to apply and take off. It can last up to a week with a good top coat and chips only if I do a lot of housework. Definitely going to...

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel It Takes Two Nail Polish- Sugar Fix
I really enjoy the unique colour of this nail polish. Overall, I find it stays in quite well, though I wish it lasted a few more days before chipping.

Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips
They work very good , easy to put on, and last a week on my nails. They’re perfect for when you are in a rush and don’t have time to do your nails. The price is ok but I prefer getting them when they’re on clearance.

Sally Hansen Good Kind Pure Nail Polish
Sally Hansen are a well known name when it comes to drugstore nail polish, and I happened to see these sold in one of my favourite shops ... my local Wilko! They are £6.99 at this store, however, at other drugstores in the UK such as Boots they are a steeper £8.99, but still...

Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Color
Its best nail polish from sally Hanes I only buy sally Hanes nail polish .It makes my nails look Shine and colours are so awesome. I would recommend other to buy sally Hanes nail polish. They are so affordable to purchase .

Sally Hansen Miracle gel 2 in 1
Quel bon idée de faire un produit de deux en 1 comme celui-ci. J'ai aimé au départ la couleur tendre de ce bleu. J'ai mis comme il est recommandé deux couches de vernis à ongles . Il sèche très rapidement. Par la suite j'ai mis le vernis de protection. Sa tenue est très...

Sally Hansen Fabulous Fingernails Perfect Manicure Kit
How a lovely travel pouch to make taking this set with you super convenient and easy. This set has everything you need for basic nail care maintenance includes a cuticle peeler, nail clippers, 3-step nail polish (plastic), nail shaving (iron). Indeed, not perfect quality but it...

Sally Hansen back to the fushia
This Shade was beautiful always on the hunt for a good deal on nail polishes this was great the color is perfect and you only need one coat of 10/10 nail polish you have to buy it!!

Sally Hansen express gel
I received this product free to try as a disclaimer. I will mention that I was unaware that you need a home LEDUV light in order to use this product so I actually had to borrow one from someone else. Beware before you are buying! Overall I would say that it can get a bit messy...

Sally Hansen No More Stains Spray-On Base Coat
Love this base spray-on base coat , it can go a bit over the skin but I do not mind as it does cover the nail very well . It is so quick , I spray and cover all 4 nails in one go . Dries extremely fast so the nail polish colour can be applied in less than 5 second . Sally Hansen...

Sally Hansen vitamin e cuticle oil
Before using this product my nails were pretty dry and very brittle and my cuticles tend to split a lot and it really hurts. After using this I’ve seen a huge difference my nails aren’t breaking and tearing as easily and it has helped hydrate and restore my cuticles! My...

Sally Hansen Hearty
Yes, this is called Hearty and for me it is a cool colour. At first I bought it as a red but after a few applications I have noticed it is red but a little orange tinged also; a good addition to my nail sets.