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Sally Hansen

It was in the late 1950s when Sally Hansen, together with her chemist husband, pioneered a nail protection formula called Hard As Nails. They are the number one brand in nail color, and also the number one in nail treatment and the number one in hair removal. Sally Hansen is an innovator in everything beauty; from hand, foot and body care to lip treatment and quality beauty tools.

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Sally Hansen Reviews

Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Xtreme Wear Nail Polish
Glossy as hell, and dries so quickly! I received a yellow shade of this polish as a gift from a friend and I am obsessed! It is so lovely, and takes two coats to get a solid coat of color. I like to put a top coat on so the color stays longer, and I am a huge fan of this!

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Fast Dry Nail Color
This dries in a snap for a quick polish and go. Great color options. It does chip in a day or so. If you use a topcoat meant for weekly polish it lasts about 5 days. Worth the small amount of money it costs forsure.

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Polish & Miracle Gel Top Coat
Worth the couple extra dollars. Fun colors also. No need to use top coat, but apply 2 or 3 thin coats. Allow to dry well between coats. Helps strengthen my nails, too.

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Nail Polish
I wish I had something good to say about this nail polish but I've tried a few different colors and it's just not a quality polish. It chips way too easily.

Sally Hansen maximum growth nail treatment
It works! Ive been using this product off and on for over 10 years.......and i'm so impressed that it makes my nails stronger, longer and they look salon quality!!!!!!!!!

Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Diamond Shine - Base & Top Coat
This nail polish works really well as a top coat, it keeps the nail polish from chipping as quickly however I really prefer the quick dry top coats. If this was a quick dry top coat as well then it would be nearly perfect!

Sally Hansen Hard as Nails  680 Frozen Solid
When I use this nail polish it reminds me of Elsa's dress from Frozen. It really sparkles in the sunlight. I highly recommend for little girls wanting to play dress up and dress like Elsa, and have the nails to match the dress.

sally hansen 18k gold hardener
I'm thrilled I found this at a warehouse sale, and only wished I got more than 1 bottle. My nails have been growing so long since using it, and even when they eventually break, I can still keep my manicure on for many more days before I have to cut them short. I apply this...

Sally Hansen Gel Rehab
I wasn’t expecting much from this product but with CoVid and no nail salons, my nails were looking pretty bleak. The product applies nicely, looks like regular nail polish in a cute pink colour. Make sure it is the last thing you do. If it gets wet after application, it gets...

Sally Hansen - Miracle Gel Nail Color, Pinks
Started using this as an alternative to pricey nail salon visits. I love the color selections and it doesn’t chip as quickly as regular polish... lasts about 7days for me before chips start,,,,very nice summery colour,,love it !!!

Sally hansen nail and cutical oil peony oil
This is such a cool product and it works!! I love that it smells exactly like peonies. So its scented/ you don't need to use lots. It really softens the cuticle,and makes my nails be able to grow and breathe and it really smells good for a long time did I say it smells...

Sally Hansen gel nailpolish collections
I love sally Hansen nail products. Nail colors are pretty much good quality. This gel nail polish is pretty much thick and does not need to wear too much. Gives very thick texture. The only thing, takes time to dry. Otherwise as a gel nail polish this one is on my fave...

Sally Hansen Nail Primer
My nails are strong enough but have ridges that run the length of my nails. 2 coats of this polish/primer and they pretty much disappear. I've been using it on it's own but look forward to also applying coloured polish over top. Also found it dried very fast.

Sally hansen gel nail polish red-y set go
I have tried a few different shades and i must say it does last I don’t have to constantly fix my nails. However I wouldn’t say it lasts as long as advertised. I change my nail color weekly though so that worked for me. I do find the price to be a little high. I would...

sally hansen hard as nails - hard core party
The colour of this nailpolish is beautiful. It takes only about two coats to get a good solid colour. Takes a while to dry and without a top coat it'll chip in a couple days. But with the top coat it lasts a lot longer.