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Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation SPF 15 Reviews

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    November 21, 2011

    I went to sephora, bought some stuff that i *needed* and as I was heading out passed the Bobbi Brown section where they had two rows of plain looking foundation bottles. For the fun of it I colour matched myself to one (Honey) and put it on. And did a double take. I promptly took of all my makeup and applied the foundation to a fresh face to see if works just as well, and it did! I don't understand how this foundation manages to give such a flawless, yet natural no-makeup-applied look!!

    Let me start from the beginning: The consistency of the foundation is very runny, which is a bit weird for a foundation, but hey, it works, so whatever. It being runny makes it very easy to apply. I just applied it with my fingers. Runny, liquidy foundation would make you think it has less coverage, right? Totally not the case here! It somehow covers all my flaws and gives my skin the 'glow from within' sort of finish. I actually applied my absolute favourite MUFE HD Foundation on one half of my face, and BB Skin on the other half, and walked around the store asking random people (employees and customers) to pick a side of my face. I didn't tell them which is which so as to get a less biased opinion. Although my love - the mufe hd - got many votes, BB Skin got a ton of votes and actually outranked my mufe!! I asked my husband and he also picked the BB Skin, saying I look more glowing on that side of my face. He didn't even let me finish my sentence before pointing and picking the side of my face (I guess he's used to me doing this "which half do you like" test). I was like "which do you..." he interrupts "that side, you look more glowing and healthier on that side". Lol :-) You know how we all have a "good side" and a "bad side" on our face? I know MUFE works wonders, so I put it on my good side and put the BB Skin on my "bad side" - and it still got a ton of votes! That's how good it was!! Crazy....

    I can't live without my MUFE HD, I think I've developed a sort of loyalty and attachment to it, but I couldn't walk out of the store without the super voted super liked BB Skin. So I got it to add to my collection.

    I know you can get a tester, and I did, but let me tell you ladies, testers never work the same as when you use it out of the bottle. Notice how on the bottles it says to shake before use? You can't exactly shake the tester the same way, right? So the consistency and coverage of the foundation when used from the tester is different than when used from the bottle.

    The SPF doesn't hurt either. There's a wide range of colour, although doesn't compare to the MUFE, but I think the consistency of the foundation allows it to sort of "skin match" to similar shades. All in all, I would definitely recommend this foundation to anyone who's looking for a flawless makeup-less totally-natural foundation.

    Here's a funny little side note: I went to Sephora twice to try the foundation (to make sure it really was as good as I thought it was), and ended up buying it on the second day. The first day on my way home as I was waiting for the bus, a dude in a car pulled over and tried to flirt with me / pick me up. It was super cold so I was wearing jeans, boots, comfy big sweater and coat. Not the sexiest of gears. Second day I wore it, another guy came up to me in the subway and started flirting with me. I'm amazed. This doesn't happen to me often, or, you know, at all. This stuff is like the "axe" of foundations! A total guy magnet.. lol :-)

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