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    June 08, 2010

    Okay so I have had a struggle with my weight for years. And ever since I had knee surgery back in 2003 and was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia my weight has increased. This year my Fibromyalgia has been at its worse and my weight has been at its highest.

    As we all know doctors tell us for our height we all need to be a certain weight *cough cough rubbish* Since I am 4"10 my required weight is 115lbs I believe. IMPOSSIBLE, I could never be that thin, I would have to either be dying or battling with anorexia to be that thin and I would never result to any of those two.

    So a friend spoke to me about this all natural organic product she has been using to lose all the water weight of having her first child. I have never wanted to take any dietary supplements, that was just not my thing I guess you can say. But she swore on everything it was safe and worked wonders. So I went a purchased a box.

    It's a Chinese all natural organic pill that comes in a box containing 30 pills.
    You take only one a day so basically it lasts you a month.
    Every morning you take one pill wait about 25 minds and brew your self some nice green tea. After that watch the magic begin.

    I am now on my second box and have lost a total of 18 lbs in a month. Reading peoples reviews majority of people have reported losing 15 pounds in 1 month and that was not even from excercising.

    Let me explain please. This pill curves and controls your appetite. Which helps to reduce your weight. It provides you with the supplements your body needs. FRUITS!!! This is my routine which has worked wonderfully. I have no complaints.

    Every morning I take the pill then wait 25 minutes or so and make myself some green tea. For breakfast I will have a banana or yogurt and drink some water or orange juice. Vitamin C wakes me up in the morning.
    After I have my breakfast in the morning I hit the gym for about 45 minutes. You do not need to overdue it in excercising, you can hurt yourself or make yourself sick. Trust me I made the mistake first day lol. I get on the bike for 15 mins first , then I hit the treadmill for 20 mins, starting off walking for 5 mins then put up the speed to power walking which makes you sweat immensly. After that I take my water break stretch then hit the weights anything to work out my buns/hamstring and my arms because as I am losing weight I still want to tone up.

    Everyone has told me they have seen the difference dramatically. I have lost weight on my face and stomach and thighs. Clothes that did not fit me before fit me better now.

    This pill helps control my appetite where I am not eating so much now. And in doing that your stomach shrinks. I can no longer eat past a certain amount or eat late. I get full easily and going for seconds is no longer an option. I still eat 3 meals a day lots of water greens and veggies baked or grilled chicken and fish/pasta is fantastic. I am telling you I have 3 people allready asking me to go get this product for them. It is a life saver.

    The most it does is make you want to have that feeling of vomitting at first because your body is basically going threw a detox and you sweat alot, sweat for anything lol. But sweating is good so dont worry! I hope some of you try and let me know your results. :)

    FYI be careful to because there are a lot of "bootleg" Fruta Planta's out there to. If the box does not have a silver foil embossed seal in Spanish and a die cut 4 color Chinese manufacturer sticker somewhere on the box then it is fake and will not work.

    If you continue to research online and read peoples' reviews you will see for yourself.

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