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    May 13, 2015

    This product is basically an Essential oil that is 100% PURE that means there are no additives and its all natural!
    like many essential oils peppermint can be used in many ways, personally i use this product on a daily basis because i like it that much
    i have used it to create my own DIY lip balm, i have diluted it in carrier oils such as Coconut as well as Argan Oil to keep my skin
    (especially my face) hydrated, this method works especially during the winter when my skin becomes so dry it literately absorbs anything
    that it thinks is water and itches like crazy, the peppermint is wonderful because its natural properties causes a soothing effect when applies to the skin

    I have also taken a liking to using this along with my reed diffuses to give my room a nice minty fragrance! And the smell had helped to keep me awake and alert
    on day that i’m studying for tests on.But be careful if you use too much the scent will be to much to handle, in the beginning i have caught myself with many headaches solely because the peppermint scent was so strong.

    This product can also be used for other natural DIY home remedies like, soothing headaches, nausea, anxiety,diarrhea, as well as heartburn! But again as a side note, too much of this can cause the reverse effects and lead to some serious injury so be careful.

    I Highly recommend this product for anyone interested in trying a natural alternative for the things i mentioned above
    but as a warning i would try to learn how to handle Peppermint oil or any other essential oil before opening the bottle and go all trigger happy with using it
    , be careful of how much you use!,the first time i had tried using essential oils i had accidentally used too much (like 3 drops..) and it was so strong that i had trouble keeping my eyes open
    the entire afternoon and into the night, and since the oils are pretty absorbent, using a towel to try and wipe some of it away
    was nearly impossible and adding water to try and rinse only made it worse, my face felt like someone had took an ice bag and taped it on. But over time
    it became more and more easy for me to learn how much to use over time!

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