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Sephora Collection Doe Eyed Felt Eyeliner Reviews
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    Recommended? Fugheddaboutit!
    January 08, 2013

    i tried the blue and purple ones on the back of my hand, i was looking for a felt tip waterproof liner to go in the waterline and for something that wouldnt smoog in the top crease ( asian eye). the coloured ones stayed great on the back of my hand, the black one i thought was dried out and not working but if the colored ones were that good the black would be fine too. I WAS WRONG! the black was grey, i thought it wasnt shaken or mixed, i thought more product needed to come out, nope! its just that way, it barely shows up, if you go over it a few time to try and make it darker it just comes off. not impressed

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    Recommended? You Betcha!
    November 09, 2011


    I'm through hating on Sephora...for now. But let it be known, that I am still not a fan of some of the chicklets who work there.

    Let's put those b*tches aside so I can talk my new eyeliner. I marched into my nearest Sephora to get yet another UD 24/7 pencil liner, until I heard voices. The sweet sound of kpop. Yes, kpop was blaring through Sephora in downtown Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Now, if you're not familiar with kpop, brace yourself, some say it's the next "fad" to hit the US.

    The kpop reminded me to return to my new make-up movement - a little more avant garde, a little less girl next door - so I switched gears and racked my brain thinking of a liquid liner. Lucky for me, I'm a visual person and I remembered this, a friend sent it to me. I watched a few the other day. I don't know much about this girl, but her tutorials are pretty good.

    All the pieces in my brain came together and eureka, the answer came to me, felt tip liquid liner. Sephora Collection has one and it's an often overlooked brand. I think it may be the packaging. It's bad. But the products are good and the price point makes it quality.

    Felt tip translates to a muted finish. It's not as sharp or intense as a liquid liner, but applies like one. It's softer and not completely opaque which, in my opinion, makes it more forgiving. Especially for me - I have shaky hands and the attention span of 2 year old.

    Love it

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