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    February 19, 2013

    We bought our new Whirlpool washer around the first of Dec 2012, but I waited until now to review it because I wanted to really give it a work out before hand. This washer is Energy Star qualified and has a CEE Tier 3 rating. For those that may not know, CEE stands for Consortium for Energy Efficiency and there are three Tiers that can be applied to appliances. It should be noted that the CEE should not be ignored when purchasing any appliances because this provides further details of energy efficiency and that adds up to savings for you. When looking for a new appliance this also gives you the best electricity and water efficiency guide lines when looking at the CEE Tier witch are rated from one to three, three being the best witch this washer is. That all being said I wasn’t sure if I’d see a difference in my hydro and water bills or not witch is another reason why I waited to do this review. It has bin a few months since we bought our Whirlpool washer. I do at least two to four loads of wash a day and I have definitely seen a decrease in both my hydro and water bills. This washer has an H2low system that automatically senses the size of each load so it uses less water and when you use the EcoBoost option your over all energy use is decreased even more. The EcoBoost option helps by increasing the spin speed witch reduces the water temp. They say it’s quiet, how ever if your laundry room is on the main floor like mine is it sure doesn’t seem all that quiet to me. In fact it reminds me of my bread maker when it’s on the mixing cycle. This washer doesn’t have an agitator giving it a 4.1 capacity and it has a specially designed plate at the bottom of the wash basket to give you more washing capacity for better fabric care. I really like this because my king size comforter fits in it and there’s even room for more if I felt like adding more. The drum is also stainless steel so I have no worry about it rusting over time. It has 12 different wash cycles allowing me to wash loads from light and delicate, heavy and bully, soak to super wash and it even has a cycle to clean the washer with Affresh. How ever there are a few things that I am not thrilled with. Do to the fact that it does not have an agitator there is no place to put the fabric softener. It does have a place for bleach, just not for the fabric softener. I did come with one of those Downy balls, but I hate it. You have to look through ever peace of laundry for the ball before you can add your wash to the dryer. Most times the lid to the ball comes off witch means you have to search for both the ball and the balls lid wasting your time and sometimes the ball will fill up with water, or the fabric softener doesn’t all come out of it. If by chance your load does go off balance you can’t just open the lid straighten the load out and restart the machine. It has a locking lid that you have to push a button to stop the washer and unlock it. Then you have to push the button to restart it. How ever when the washer restarts it doesn’t restart where it left off, it goes back to the beginning and starts the whole wash cycle all over again. This ends up wasting water hydro and of coarse your time! My husband also has a very dirty job and sometimes comes home cover in black grease. I found out after we bought this wash that they do not recommend you wash items that are like this in this washer witch is one more thing I wasn’t happy with. The last thing I wasn’t too happy about is the fact that it only came with a one year warranty. The guy that sold it to us told us we were better off buying the extended warranty because it most likely wouldn’t last much longer then the one year it was covered for do to the fact that everything is made so cheaply now a days. I was very surprised when he came right out with this, but I tended to believe him so we paid for the extended warranty even though I didn’t want to. Other then those few things I’m pretty happy with how well my new Whirlpool washer has bin cleaning our laundry and would recommend it to anyone looking for a new washer, as long as your not planning on washing clothing that are covered in grease.

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